I’ve written many previous postings named “The World Is on Fire.” I’ve also predicted a few times that the evil mongers in this world will absolutely use the last year of the weak and feckless Obama presidency to advance their claims and ill begotten gains in many parts of the world.

The New Year has just begun and we already have the following:

  • China landing a plane in an airport built on one of its artificial islands reclaimed in the South China Sea on atolls that are disputed. This particular one with Vietnam. Do not under-emphasize the importance of this move. At the same time, late last year the Obama administration canceled a proposed fly-through of this airspace that China now claims as its own. China is aggressively pursuing its control of the vast majority of the South and East China Sea. That is of huge global significance and an explosive move.
  • Iran and Saudi are now in open hostilities. Iran’s imperialistic tendencies in the Middle East are becoming bolder as the Obama administration is kowtowing to them further and further under the delusion that Iran is a positive force contributing to stability in the Middle East. How stupid and blind can an obsession make you?? Iran is overtly boasting its ballistic missile efforts. Iran is about to get the S-300 sophisticated air defense systems form Russia.
  • North Korea has exploded a nuclear device. They claim it is a hydrogen bomb. If true, it will mean that PDRK has mastered¬¬¬—or is very close to mastering—the technology necessary to miniaturize nuclear warheads onto ballistic missiles. Readers of these annals know that I have long claimed that this was the ONLY stage left for Iran to become a nuclear power. Given the cooperation between PDRK and Iran on nuclear matters, this is a very dangerous development.

Will someone take action now?

The world is a dangerous place. Never has it been more dangerous that it is now; all due to the “successful” Obama foreign policy.