I have been absent from blogging for a long time, which is always a sign of depression…

How can one not be depressed when the choice emerging for this country’s next president and the most important job in the world is between a certified narcissist who is also a frightening demagogue and a confirmed liar who is corrupt and incompetent to top it all????

But I have a lot to say, so I gathered my will to comment on the state of play.


There is not much to say here. It is now certain that Hillary Clinton will get the nomination of the Democratic Party, barring a major indictment by the justice department regarding the email scandal, etc. If that happens, it is likely that the nomination will go to either VP Biden or SoS Kerry.

On the matter of the possible indictment I have two questions:

  1. How long does it take 150 FBI agents to finalize their investigation? Either it is a huge corruption case that they are trying to put together—which I find unlikely, given that this administration will try to avoid it for obvious reasons—or they are wasting everyone’s time and are just trying to make us believe that they are taking it seriously.
  2. How can they not indict her given everything that we already know? It is simply shocking.


  • Chris Christie – I never liked him and explained why in previous postings. I have only one word for him: A*****l*. Having said that, I actually think he did Rubio a favor. By giving Rubio a baptism of fire, Christie exposed his own weaknesses AND gave Rubio a chance to show his resilience and persistence. A person recovering from a failure and going on to success is stronger and wiser than one who never failed.* (see comment below)
  • Jeb Bush – Everyone was quick to credit him and praise him for his speech last Saturday evening bowing out of the race. While it was very welcome and dignified, he should have done it two months ago. It was obvious then that he is going nowhere. By staying longer he humiliated the family name and damaged the party (and probably the nation). I have no praise for him.
  • Carson and Kasich – Delusional and selfish both. I have to say that every time I hear Carson speak it gives brain surgeons a bad rap. I used to hold that profession in great awe. I now know that being a talented brain surgeon does not mean that you have a great brain. And on the topic of brain surgeons, when I hear Kasich speak I am immediately reminded of his urgent need for a brain surgeon!!! These two should withdraw from the race right now and stop damaging the party and the nation. NOW!!! Someone in the GOP should be responsible enough to pick up the phone and tell them that.
  • Mitt Romney – I am very surprised that he has not endorsed Rubio. He should have done it before New Hampshire where he is very popular. Having not done it then, he had another opportunity before Nevada where he is also very popular with the large Mormon community. Why is he not doing it??? He vetted Rubio as a potential VP in 2012. Did he discover something that we all need to know? It must be something very major if it prevents him from endorsing Rubio in the current field. It looks very bad and is inexplicable. He should not think that he will avoid blame for the mess the GOP is in.
  • Trump
    1. A certified narcissist, a frightening demagogue, I have never seen crowds been worked into a frenzy. It is simply frightening. The saving grace is that he was a total failure in the early 1990s and was able to recover from it to become a “HOOGE” (to use his way of saying huge) success As I said before, recovering from such failure is not only a testament to your abilities but it is also a very powerful experience shaping you as a person. In addition, the fact that his children, on the face of it, seem to be so impressive (all three adult ones) is another testament to him being a much better person than what he portrays himself to be. You cannot be a total screw up and produce such impressive children. Look at Paris Hilton as a foil of what Ivanka Trump could have been. Something must be good there somewhere. To be clear, I do NOT want him as the GOP candidate but he is better than Hillary.**
    2. Romney is correct that something must be wrong—badly wrong—with Trump’s tax returns. Contrary to Romney, I do not think that Trump would have been worried had these returns only showed that he avoided paying tax. I think he would wear this as a badge of honor and I agree with him as long as it is legal. I do believe that the tax returns may show that he is seriously less rich than he claims to be. Seriously less rich. The other alternative is that it will show him to be a scrooge; giving very little, if anything, to charity. My money is on both, actually. Cruz and Rubio and the disgraced media should make this a major battle cry against him. He needs to release these returns; and the emphasis should be on the old returns that are already filed, not the 2015 one, which he could have at least partially shaped and influenced during the 2015 year once he decided to run.
    3. Super Tuesday is going to be a major test for his candidacy. Somehow, in the back of my mind (maybe it is in my heart as opposed to mind), I am wondering if his style of campaign—large but few events, no real organization, hardly any media spend—can translate well into a large format like the 11 primaries in one day on Super Tuesday. I understand the appeal and why it could work in a one-state-at-a-time type scenario, but I am not sure it can translate that well to the wholesale situation next Tuesday. We shall see, I guess.
  • Cruz – He could be a really good president but he will never be because he, personally, is a jerk. His scorched earth campaign tactic is appalling. You cannot throw everyone else under a bus and then claim to smell of roses. If Rubio were to withdraw from the campaign right now I suppose that Cruz may have a chance of beating Trump. The polls suggest that that is the case. I believe, however, that many of Rubio’s supporters will simply sit this out, as their choice will be between the devil and the other devil. But he just may. Even if he does beat Trump at the GOP race, he has ZERO chance of beating Clinton. Trump, and more so Rubio have a much better chance of beating her. Cruz is a non-starter.
  • Rubio – I always thought that he is the best chance the GOP has to regain the presidency. He is a decent guy, a minority, young but above all he has a knack for articulating conservative ideas and values in a way that centrist voters and independents can relate to. The only way for him to win the nomination is if the delusional Carson, the hallucinating Kasich, and the over ambitious Cruz all withdraw from the race NOW. Before Super Tuesday!!!***
  • The “deal”– Here is how Rubio can, maybe, convince Cruz to withdraw and leave the ring to him: offer Cruz in an unequivocal and fully committed way that if he, Rubio, becomes POTUS, he will nominate Cruz as his Supreme Court Justice. Get Senators McConnell and Grassley to support that move now. Cruz will be a great Supreme Court Justice, probably one of the very few that can take the Scalia mantel and run with it. What is Rubio waiting for??? I would really like to see a bit more urgency on his side. He has the entire GOP establishment backing him. Get someone to broker such a deal and do it NOW.*** (again)
  • GOP Voters – Generally a sorry bunch. They are absolutely low information voters. Frankly, they seem to be bent on group suicide too. It is simply shocking.

The Media

Finally to my favorites… There is a debate tonight hosted by CNN’s Blitzer. CNN, in general, is biased and in the trenches for Hillary. Blitzer is one of the worst of all their anchors in that regard. They do it slimy and underhand but they do it. In particular, they agree that Rubio is the one that has the best odds of beating her, which is why they continuously try to slam him and belittle him. How otherwise do you explain the presence on their elections “experts” panel of a previous national spokesperson for Cruz and an ex Trump advisor—both openly supporting their candidate while appearing ostensibly as experts on the panel? I am concerned that in tonight’s debate, which is so crucial, Blitzer in his usual underhanded way will be biased against Rubio: giving him less time, asking him more difficult questions, etc. ****

All in all, I am depressed. So depressed that I am longing for Bloomberg. Mike – where are you????

I wrote the above blog on 2/25. It is now 2/29 and things are moving so fast that here are few up-dates:
* Boy, am I happy that I called Christie an A*****l* on Thursday. On Friday, he proved that he is a “HOOGE” one by endorsing Trump. Trump, who he declared as not fit for office on FNC only few weeks before. This is a man whose personal ambition blinds him. He has no morals or limitations other than to take care of #1. His antics in the 2012 campaign season—which some say cost Romney dearly—are well known. Endorsing Trump now is a sheer play for VP or AG, and is egregious so as to prove my description of him. The only saving grace is that he will get nothing as …. see my next comment.

** Upon further review, I conclude with great regret and sinking feeling in my heart that I was actually wrong. Clinton is better than Trump. Those who know me will know that this is an earthquake. I concluded: first, there is simply no way that he will win against Hillary. Second, and more important, this man is too frightening to have as the president of the USA. I am simply afraid of him working the disenchanted, and there are too many of those at the moment, to do unthinkable things. We saw terrible thing happen 100 years ago when a demagogue got platforms to work up the crowds, the unhappy and agitated masses. He needs to be stopped right now. I would rather have serious long-term damage to the US by another four years of socialistic class warfare nonsense by Clinton than risk a total disaster by a dangerous, ruthless demagogue. From the first, the US can recover in time. From the latter—no.

*** Well, Rubio clearly did not take my advice. He took a different route that, while showing him as a combative person able to meet Trump one on one and best him, still will not get him far. In order for tomorrow, Super Tuesday, to be defined as a success for Rubio he needs to win a state and keep his delegate count very, very tight with Trump and Cruz (which has a great advantage in that Texas, his home state, is the biggest delegate prize of the night). It looks unlikely.

**** I was wrong about CNN and Blitzer. Not in the essence, but they clearly did not act with bias against Rubio on Thursday. Whether because they did not want to, or because Rubio took charge in an impressive show of aggression and fighting talent, I do not know; but the debate was astounding to say the least.