I am so sick of the GOP. These people are either stupid or so arrogant as to be stupid, based on my well-known rule.

They really deserve the Trump phenomenon. A collection of presidential candidates, party leaders (are there any?), and talk-radio pundits (some TV too) who, between them, will bring ruin to this party and this country.

How long does it take for these people to understand that the ONLY option for them is to actually work together if they want to stop Trump????

There are rumors that Jeb Bush is planning a meeting with all three non-Trump candidates later today before the debate.

This is their last chance to stop Trump.

Here is the outline of a simple deal that could probably succeed in stopping Trump and should be announced TODAY in a JOINT press conference between all the candidates:

  1. Cruz and Kasich will IMMEDIATELY withdraw from campaigning in Florida and will ask their respective supporters in that state to vote for Rubio.
  2. Cruz and Rubio will IMMEDIATELY withdraw from campaigning in Ohio and ask their respective supporters to vote for Kasich.
  3. The same goes for the remaining three states voting on Tuesday (North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri), which will be allotted to whomever is most likely to win—but one state each.
  4. If Rubio and Kasich both lose their respective states on Tuesday they will suspend their campaigns and endorse Cruz actively and whole-heartedly.
  5. If they both win their states, all three candidates will continue to run with no undertaking to each other, but will try to cooperate within the same model on a state-by-state basis.
  6. Come the convention—assuming that Cruz, Kasich, and Rubio succeed in making it a contested convention (i.e. prevent Trump from getting a majority of delegates)—they will consult with each other, with no commitments, to try and come to one consensus candidate out of the three of them.
  7. If either Rubio or Kasich loses their home state, that person will withdraw from the race and support the other one actively.
  8. All three will commit to focusing the remaining debates as much as possible in pointing to their differences on ISSUES with Trump and not each other.

This is the simple way to beat Trump. If one of the three refuses to sign on to the deal he should be named and shamed.

Why should Cruz, for instance, agree to join? Because if he does not he will lose to Trump. He can keep saying that he won’t, but the other two will not withdraw until it is too late. This way, he is likely to be the non-Trump delegate leader and may be able to secure the nomination in the convention by the backing of the other two.

Announcing this deal BEFORE the debate tomorrow will grab the headlines and will be intensely debated, which is good. Trump will cry foul but actually there is nothing wrong in this deal. It is fully transparent; it provides Trump with what he keeps asking for: one-on-one type contention, except that the one opposing him is different in each state. Some will say that it will cause rupture in the party due to Trump’s supporters being unhappy, but it is an entirely legitimate campaign tactic AND the rupture in the party will come anyway if Trump is the nominee. Fear of Trump “third party” run is baseless and nonsense. It requires way too much money and organization and he will NOT commit to any of it.

When it comes to the convention, if it is a contested convention the three will decide who is best to win against the Democrats and if they cannot decide maybe they can use a coin toss. Seriously. They can, of course, promise each other all kinds of things; such as, Cruz can be promised a supreme court nomination if he supports one of the other candidates. Kasich could be VP for Rubio, say, or vice versa.

I will say that a Cruz Fiorina ticket is also a very attractive ticket for the GOP. Cruz is a jerk, as I said before, but I also said that he would be a very good president; he is simply unlikely to win against Hillary Clinton. Adding Fiorina to the ticket will give him a huge advantage in business expertise, a woman (which will make him look more appealing), and someone who can attack Clinton remorselessly.

Please someone do something!!!!!!!!!! It is not brain surgery is it???