Chris Matthews is probably the MOST disagreeable news anchor of them all.

He is loud, aggressive, arrogant, biased—Oh! So biased as to be a joke. He NEVER allows his guests to actually answer a question. A bully if there ever was one. He is arrogant, did I say that already . . . and because he is not particularly clever, nothing special, that makes him stupid, too, based on my “copyrighted” rule.

So I NEVER watch him.

So how come he is now my hero of the week?

Because he is the first reporter—the first one in hundreds of interviews—to have succeeded in landing a blow on that other bully, Donald Trump. It is too early to say if that was a mortal blow, but it was a blow. Trump’s stupid and outrageous answer regarding punishing women who had abortion came under the usual aggressive, relentless, staccato questioning that Matthews is famous for. He landed a blow, no question.

It takes a bully to know one!