There is very little in common between the two leading contenders for the US presidency—other than they are both so UNDERWHELMING and undeserving of the most important job in the WORLD!!

However, they are both PR geniuses.

Consider the fact that the media is full of discussion and speculation about the Clinton email scandal and the potential, maybe, for an indictment.

The problem is that by focusing on that issue, EVERYONE forgets the main issue: those emails that she did NOT allow us to see, those e-mails that she deleted. You see, the FBI and the media reports are focused on those emails that we did see; were they classified and, as such, was it a felony to have them on a private server? But what about the 30,000 emails that she deleted? Surely one has to understand that the whole idea and use of the private server was to enable her to hide those emails that she did not want the public to see, those emails that would prove her corrupt on a legal basis. It is those emails that she has deleted, right?

No one even discusses these emails anymore, it seems that the media has bought her stupid excuse that a private server was more “convenient,” which is factually not correct, and that the emails she deleted were all about yoga routine and soup receipts… really…

The media is so superficial and lazy that, given a small bone (the classified email debacle), they ignore the big bone, which remains hidden.

It is possible that the classified email scandal will result in a serious blow to Clinton’s campaign in the form of a serious indictment, but my bet is that this will not be the case. Her lack of honesty is already “baked” into her polling and primary election numbers, and even as a worst case scenario where she gets indicted followed by a quick low level plea agreement a-la-Petraeus, would not materially change her elect-ability, horrifying though it is.

Our only salvation from this corrupt individual will come if, by any chance, the FBI was able to recover the deleted emails from her server. But there is no indication that they were able to do that and if I am right about that, she got away with murder, figuratively.

Trump has a similar phenomenon: his tax returns. The media is now focused on so many other utterances from him that they have very little time—attention span—to focus on the outrageous fact that he is refusing to release those.

He continuously feeds the notion that he is under continuous investigation, audit, by the IRS as an excuse for not releasing the returns.

Why? Why is that relevant to the issue of releasing the returns? The IRS already has these returns. We are not asking him to tell us anything that the IRS does not already know. So why would releasing these returns to the public effect, or even be relevant to, the IRS audit? How could it harm him?

Why is it that no one at the media focuses on the tax returns and asks this simple question that I just asked?

Why is there no serious campaign to push him and demand their release as every other candidate in the modern era has done?

Even Clinton…