• My long absence from these annals is due to my deep depression about the status of politics and the complicity of the media in it. I am beyond frustration. I cannot, however, resist writing this and the next blog.
  • I will be using some pretty foul language in this post. It is a testament to my frustration and disgust. No apologies are offered. It is time to call a spade a shovel.

The killing of black men by white police officers is a tragedy. A tragedy for the deceased, for their families, and at times for others too. In macro terms, it is absolutely NOTHING. The number of these killings is a tiny speck in deaths in this country; the number of these killings that may be controversial is even less so, at less than a dozen events per year. You would think listening to media coverage and politicians’ responses, especially that of the president, that we were talking of a flood of such killings. Nothing of the sort. It can probably can be counted on the fingers of two hands. Of those, the number that is due to police misconduct is even less.

There are HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of interactions between law enforcement officers and civilians every YEAR. A few hundred of those end up with tragedy. That is about one in a million. How much better can it get??? Zero? What, do we live in utopia? There will always be corrupt cops and more so incompetent and negligent cops, but their number is as small as we can ever hope for. To be clear, every such killing of civilian by police needs to be investigated. Whether or not it seems controversial. If police acted unreasonably, negligently, or criminally, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I note that they are and, in many cases, are found innocent.

It seems to me that the rate of conviction of police officers in killings is lower than that of normal rate of conviction in similar non-officer killings. Take, as an example, the infamous case of Freddy Gray in Baltimore. His death, ostensibly due to police misconduct and possibly rising to the level of murder, filled our lives with saturation media converges for almost a week about 12 months ago. Six officers were indicted. Of those, three have been found innocent (note that innocent is a better expression than not-guilty), including the one charged with the most serious crime. Another one came back with a hung jury. Two are still to be tried. As of the writing this post not one was found guilty. If one goes back to the height of the drama surrounding the case of Freddy Gray, this result is shocking. But then we hardly hear of this. The media coverage for these officers being vindicated is just a fraction of the cover when they were indicted.

The bottom line is that such killings have occurred since the invention of police. The number of such killings has been stable for decades; the number of white policemen killing black men has also been totally in line with the number of black men in the CRIMINAL population. Trying to suggest that the number should correlate to the number of black men in the population at large is rubbish. Of course what matters is their number in the criminal population. The fact that the number of black men in the criminal population vastly exceeds their number in the general population is a tragedy whose roots lie in serious social issue and challenges but incitement against the police will not resolve those.

The responsibility of killing five, I repeat FIVE policemen tonight in Dallas lies in the hands of the perpetrator who, at the time of my re-write of this post, has been killed by the police. I originally suggested that when caught he should be tried and executed on an expedited basis. I am happy that the police took care of that efficiently and elegantly, although it seems clear to me that the Dallas police were probably trigger happy in his execution and GOOD FOR THEM!!!!

I am here to say what NO ONE has the courage to say. Partially, it is due to the traditional, dignified, understated, bi-partisan response that for generations prevailed in American politics and discourse. The problem with that dignified reaction is that only one party is still playing by these rules.

The conservatives, Republicans, still adhere to that tradition. Unfortunately, the progressive left led clearly by president Obama has discarded the rules of dignity and reserve in responding to events. When it serves their purpose the left is partisan in the extreme, using vociferous language and vicious allegations. As an example, the NY Times in an EDITORIAL, literally, blamed Republicans for the atmosphere that caused, in their view, the massacre in Orlando. Not ISIS, not the administration policies that allowed ISIS to develop—Republicans. In so many words. That is only one example. This president, as I wrote many times over the last 6 years, has broken EVERY tradition of dignity and bipartisan and has accused Republicans time and time again of many moral and actual depravities in language that was not known before to be used by any president of the United States who is supposed to be the president of ALL the United States. He is the most aggressive and partisan president ever.

However, suddenly, today he is dignified and reserved—because these events are so clearly against his narrative that even he cannot spin it as to be the fault of Republicans. He and his cohorts understood that this time the media will not give them cover, amplification, and support as it usually does. So suddenly he is all statesmen-like dignified.

Republicans, on the other hand, continue to adhere to their bipartisan dignified approach and are not using these horrific events to try and make their point. That is a PROBLEM. Someone has to say it. Someone has to call it as it is. Otherwise in today’s media-driven, sound byte society the public will not understand the root cause of what is happening here.

So here goes:
The blood of these fallen police officers lies, PARTIALLY but distinctly, on the hands of President Obama and his media cohorts, especially CNN and NBC.

This arrogant narcissist president keeps inciting against the police in his so-called measured speeches on the subject. He started it with stupid and incorrect comments on a minor case (later known as the Beer Summit), ratcheted it up in the Trayvon Martin case, and escalated it from there. The media caught on and now every time we have what could be, maybe, a slightly controversial event they give us wall-to-wall saturation coverage.

Yesterday was a momentous day in the life of this country. The director of the FBI appeared for five hours in front of Congress in what is without doubt a very controversial call regarding indicating a major party nominee for the post of the President of the United States. A decision, which, on its face does raise significant issues relating to justice for all and the rule of law. At best it is questionable and worthy of extensive discussion.

Yet the ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! on CNN and NBC devoted nearly all of their cover throughout the day and in primetime in the evening to the two killings which unfortunately occurred within hours of each other in Louisiana and Minnesota. Killings of black men by white police officers in questionable circumstances and covered by the “selfie” narcissism. The girlfriend of one of the men was busy videoing the entire event and did not even try to help him—her voice recording the event sounds so artificial and conceited so as to really be the height of cynicism. Be that as it may, this does not deserve the kind of saturated cover that we got. Especially not while the testimony of the FBI director gets a passing mention.

To pile it on, this arrogant president finds time in a press conference in Warsaw—part of the NATO summit—to answer questions about, in macro terms, a NOTHING event. The world is watching, the issues facing NATO are fundamental and crucial, but he has time to incite violence. Yes, incite violence. He voices strong empathy (strange that he can never master that level of empathy and passion when it comes to policemen being killed or terror victims), he pronounces a passive-aggressive attitude towards the police—rebuking them for suggesting that the fuss made of these events is overdone—and he is calling and encouraging demonstrations against the police. Although he is always very careful to qualify that call by the platitudes of warning that such demonstrations should be peaceful. The problem is that they NEVER are. There are always incidents—some bad, some terrible—somewhere along the line during these demonstrations. How many more people have to die before this ASSHOLE of a president will stop INCITING demonstrations that ALWAYS result in violence?

Faced with this enormous tragedy in Dallas, the media now escapes to their normal denial, self-protection, and avoidance tactics:

  • One should not jump to conclusions, they tell us. We do not know yet if it is connected etc., etc. (this was written before the facts about the murderer’s clear motives to kill white men and especially white police officers were known). What the FUCK? Do they really think we are THAT stupid? Of course it is connected. Are they suggesting that just by coincidence a perpetrator decided to kill five police officers and severely wound seven others on the same day, and during demonstrations that are taking place against what the media STILL calls “Police Brutality” and the president gives a go ahead and encouragement for these demonstrations? However, what is worse about this argument is that they, the media, ALWAYS jump to conclusions. Whenever there is just the slight hint of possibly something wrong in the killing by police of a black man, the immediate assumption is a crime occurred. Never do they give the police officers involved the benefit of the doubt. Oh, they say that they do. But they say it in a passing, obligatory type statement for the record and then go on for HOURS assuming that indeed it was a crime.
  • One man’s actions should not impugn a whole movement, they tell us. But they ALWAYS do. Be it the president or the media, we ALWAYS hear of “Police Brutality.” We do not hear of the possibility that maybe 1 out of 10,000 (or more than that actually) individual law enforcement officer acted possibly criminally or at least negligently or incompetently. No, it is the Police that are at fault. How many large organizations can say that only 1 in 10,000 of their employees is a bad person???

That is the double standard that the president encouraged and the media amplified and is serving to us day in, day out, all the time. And what about all these officers who are either not put on trial after investigation or are found innocent if they are put on trial, where do they go to get their reputation back? What happened to the life of the officer who killed Michael Brown in what was determined to be self-defense, where is he? What happened to his life?

The president and the media created an environment where it is OK to blame the police as a whole for the actions of a very, very, few—a tiny minority. They created an atmosphere where verbal violence against the police is an actual norm (Black Lives Matter activists chant, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Right now.” and on and on). They created incentives (immediate national fame and importance) to resisting lawful police orders and thus encouraging confrontations. They created a culture where the Police as an entity are the bad guys. They cannot act surprised, or escape partial blame, if there are a tiny minority amongst those inflamed black men who are far enough psychotic to misinterpret the quest and take it to an extreme.

What they—the president and the media—should do is to STOP it. STOP inciting violence against the police, even if it is indirect. How many more acts of violence will it take for them to do so?

It is not the job of the President of the United States of America to deal with a 1 in 10,000 bad act of someone, somewhere in America. He is not effective in that anyway. Similarly, such a rare and limited event does NOT deserve national coverage at all. Certainly not the kind of wall-to-wall type coverage that we get.

However, within MINUTES of a police-related killing of a black civilian ALL these media outlets start a flood of coverage. It is always the same things, always the same people always saying the same thing and they ALWAYS blow up a tiny isolated tragedy into a worldwide event and, by inference, blame ALL police with the term “police brutality.” What FUCKING brutality?

It is my view that it is time to put the media AND the president to public relations trial for this incitement.

How much longer will CNN and others get away with their brand of incitement causing the murders of innocent police officers just because they happen to be police officers?

I am so INCENSED!!!!!!!!!