In response to the horrific terror attack in Nice, Trump reiterated his call to ban immigration from terror-infested areas.

The media, still under shock from the events, did not find it in themselves to use their usual scorn etc. on him and just let it pass.

But they did ask Clinton about it.

Her response is typical PC, Clinton lies and subterfuge and media bias and incompetence.

Clinton said that she “…always said that we have to be smart about it. We need to vet these refugees to make sure that they are safe, however long it takes….”

Really? We need to be smart. That is really good to know. Thank you for this great pronouncement and illumination. I couldn’t think of it myself.

If I was the interviewer, or if it was Trump who just gave such a nonsense response, the follow up question would have been quick to come along the following lines:

“But madam Secretary, the entire US national security apparatus—FBI, CIA, DNI—are telling us that there is no way to vet refugees from Syria to a reasonable level of comfort, as there is no baseline to start from. There is in Syria a total collapse of any infrastructure of any database to be able to properly do vetting.

“So which is it Madam secretary: take the risk, remote though it is, that of the tens of thousands of refugees that you want to bring in from war-torn Syria 1, 10, or a few dozen will slip through the cracks of the imperfect vetting procedures and then carry out terror attacks here in the US, or are you saying that until they are vetted fully they cannot come to the US which is EXACTLY what Trump is saying?

“Which is it?”

THAT is being smart.

Not accepting stupid, meaningless platitudes and allowing Clinton to get away with them.

But that is too much to hope for from the media.