I am not a Trump fan. Although, to be clear, between him and Clinton the clear choice, after considerable analysis, is Trump.

Looking back to the beginning of the primary process 15 months ago I am trying to understand what went wrong. How could the “most impressive” line-up in history for the Republican presidential nomination lose so badly and decisively to a total outsider and such a controversial figure?

There are many, many reasons explaining what happened and we will never know the exact truth. However, the two most significant factors that led to Trump’s sweeping victory in the Republican primary are Ted Cruz: the Jerk, and Jeb Bush: the Entitled.

I actually donated a small amount of money to the Cruz campaign the day he announced his candidacy about 15 months ago, but very soon after that I realized that his campaign strategy was “scorched earth.” I wrote about it in a number of posts and started using the term “jerk” for him very early (with all due respect to Trump, I believe that my term is much better than “Lying Ted” as it has the benefit of being true).

It was clear to me that this scorched earth strategy is no good and will destroy the Republican Party. As it happens, his strategy awakened the giant feeling of anti-establishment resentment and bitterness, and created a wave that swept him away too.

To be clear, I understand, recognize and justify these feelings, but they should be directed against the person and organization responsible for the situation that generates these feelings, and that is not the Republican Party. It is President Obama and the Democrats. Cruz cynically and egotistically chose to make the Republican establishment the guilty target for these feelings because he reckoned that would help him become the nominee. Not only was he wrong, but that is unconscionable.

In his speech tonight at the convention, Cruz proved again that he is a total jerk. If he decided that he can not endorse Trump, then he should have stayed away and rejected the offer to speak. He had the choice that Rubio made with style and respect of endorsing Trump, or the Bush/Kasich option of staying away and being quiet (Kasich) or even criticizing from afar (Bush). But coming to the podium at the convention to make a speech and not endorsing Trump is a work of a total jerk.

He really is a disgusting person.

Jeb Bush, on the other hand, felt in his veins that he is entitled to the nomination. After all he is a Bush, right? It made him both arrogant and delusional, so much so that he could not see the writing on the wall. In my post towards the end of last year before the first primary, I wrote that Bush has no chance to win and that he must withdraw right then to endorse and actively support Rubio. I laid out a whole strategy that I thought would have ended up with Rubio as the nominee. Of course, we will never know what would have happened but one thing is clear: Bush’s refusal to withdraw and his strategy of spending (some would say wasting) enormous amounts of money attacking Rubio failed and was proven a mistake, just as I predicted in advance. Rather than accepting the inevitable back at the end of last year, he contributed so much to demolishing the only viable opposition to the anti-establishment wave, Rubio, by both spending a lot of money trashing Rubio and splitting the establishment vote. To add insult to injury, Bush is continuing to criticize the party’s nominee even now, a move that can only help elect Hillary Clinton. It has no beneficial/positive purpose by any stretch of the imagination.

To be clear, Trump won the primaries fair and square by any analysis that anyone can offer. It was not even close.

Both Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz should shut up and go home to contemplate the significant role they played in electing the one possible candidate that may lose to Clinton.

They are clearly stupid by my definition of stupidity: When your arrogance exceeds your cleverness, you are stupid!

Stupid people.