Watching the efforts by media, pundits, and politicians to redirect the “blame” for the terror attack in Munich towards what they call “simple rampage” (i.e.- not Islamic terror) could have been—and to extent is—funny, except that it is tragic.

We hear that the shooter was bullied in school, that he was a loner, that he had mental issues and on and on. I am sure we will find out later that he was abused as child…

We hear assertive denials of any connection to any Islamic terror groups etc.

We are being advised that he was of Iranian decent and a citizen of Iran (as well as Germany).

We are not being told that he was a Muslim, although that is clear from him shouting the usual slogan that terrorist do when in the throes of the act, “Allahu Akbar.” Unfortunately for this disingenuous cabal of politicians and media, there was a witness—herself a Muslim—who heard him shout that during the “rampage” and reported it to the world.

So, he is a Muslim and anyone who knows anything, the very basic facts, knows that as a Muslim of Iranian decent, he is a Shia and, as such, of course he will not have any connection to what the media calls Islamic terror—those are only, if you believe the media and politicians that is, the Sunni elements of Islam.

The hatred, aggression, and attempts at creating an Islamic caliphate by Iran are not considered terror. They are, indeed, not considered at all.

I am not suggesting that Iran has encouraged what happened in Munch. Their tactics are much more sophisticated and dangerous.

So, having said all that, the one fact that is inescapable is that these days you have to dig very deeply before you find a significant terror act initiated and committed by non-Muslims.

The simple rule of terror is that it is committed by Muslims; all the rest of the verbal acrobatics and intellectual summersaults by media and politicians is simply nonsense.

P.S. In the two days after I wrote this posting there were two other terror acts in Germany. This time there was no way to deny that these acts are terror related. That brings the latest wave of terror attacks in Germany (including the shooting rampage) to four in eight days. Of course, all done by Muslims. That is not to say that all Muslims are terrorists or bad, but it is to say that all terror is by Muslims.