The most important revelation coming out of the WikiLeaks dump of DNC emails is, as frequently is the case, completely missed by the entire media hoards.

Come to that, until the initial sidelining and then resignation of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (DWS), Fox was the only outlet to report on the entire episode. I guess at that stage the story was too hard to ignore.

It is still played down by the media (excluding Fox). In another completely crazy example of media bias, they spend more time focusing on the supposed Russian conspiracy behind the leaks than on the substance of the leaks. It is just totally, utterly absurd. Just try to compare the inches and minutes allocated to the stupid nonsense and totally unimportant story of Melania Trump’s so-called plagiarism (“Your word is your bond,” really? How one can plagiarize totally commonplace, bland, non-original content is not clear to me, but never mind.) as compared to the small earthquake of the resignation of the head of the DNC? Can you imagine what the media would have done if it Reince Priebus would have had to resign from the RNC?

Anyway, the big story here, reported by no one, is the extent of lying that DWS did.
Again, barefaced, naked lies.

Some people will tell you that politicians lie all the time. But generally these are small lies, more like “spin” that just about crossed the line into lies.

But that is not the case for Democrats. Democrats lie frequently using simple straightforward, outright lies.

This has been seen time and time again by Obama. It is a huge issue for Clinton (at least, it should be a huge issue except that the media does not make it an issue) who lied not only to the public so many times that one gets tired of repeating it, but also lied under oath to Congress; a felony which, needless to say, she will not be indicated for.

And now comes DWS with the same level of lies and one must ask, “What is it with these lies all the time?”

You simply do not see that level of lying from Republican politicians. You can say what you want about what they say, but they generally tell it as they see it and they believe it to be, as opposed to masking it with lies.

Democrats/progressive politicians are ideologues and arrogant, while Republican/conservative politicians are practical and less arrogant.

The result is that Democrats think, in their arrogance, that they have intellectual superiority (which, in many cases, they do; except that it is unfortunately surpassed by their arrogance) that leads them to know—or at least they think they know—what is good for us. They know, according to them, that they are doing the right thing and, therefore, the end justifies the means, which makes lying to all of us OK. It is OK to tell us stark lies, no nuances, no spin, simply lies, that the DNC is not biased in favor of Clinton (v-Sanders) because it is good for the country for Clinton to win. Therefore, the end of her winning justifies the lies needed to achieve such win. According to them.

It is this Democratic culture of lies that makes me abhor the Democratic Party in general and most Democratic politicians, starting from Hillary Clinton.

You see, they do not have intellectual superiority on me (sorry for being not modest for once). I can tell when they lie.