During his press conference yesterday Donald Trump, in what sounded to me like a tongue-in-cheek comment, called on Russia to disclose Hillary Clinton’s “missing” emails if they have them.

While speakers from the main podium of the convention, such as former Director of CIA and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, referred to this comment as a “threat to national security,” and disqualifying Trump from being the Commander in Chief, other Democrat speakers (senators and congressmen) went a step further and accused Trump of treason, in so many words.

The media, of course, took that bait hook, line, and sinker.

So, let me just understand the rules here:

  • If you are a Secretary of State and recklessly (“extreme carelessness” according to the FBI director) put all your work-related emails on a private, unsecure server including at least 2,000 or so classified emails, that is OK.
  • If you are the Democratic nominee for president and you tell us that the only emails that have not been disclosed by you are “private,” yoga lessons, soup recipes, and wedding arrangements, we take your word for it. No questions asked.
  • But if you are the Republican nominee and you SAY (you do not DO anything, you just say) that a hacker of one type or another should disclose those so-called “private” emails, whether or not you said it in jest, you are a threat to national security and a traitor.

Wow, talk about double standard, media bias, and alternative universes.

I would say that is ironic but it is so outrageous so as to go far beyond ironic and well into the realm of the absurd.

The media role in this charade is outright collusion to elect their favorite person against all facts.