Another week, another significant development in the Clinton corruption/lies saga.

The crop this week:

  • Hillary Clinton says that she used a private server based on advice from Colin Powell. Only two problems with this version:
    1. Colin Powell was the Secretary of State from 2001-2005. That does not seem important, but for those of you who were born into the email age, let me remind you that email was invented and started being used only circa 1995. So, in 2001, it was at its infancy, especially in terms of adaptation by government. Indeed, people close to Powell make the point that at the time the Department of State (DOS) did not have a non-classified email system. So in order to be able to send non-classified email to people not on the classified system the only way was to use AOL (yes, this was still the prehistoric age when AOL was the main provider of email services). By 2009, when Clinton became SOS, the email world had changed dramatically and the DOS did already have two systems; classified and non-classified.
    2. Colin Powell denies it… he diplomatically says that he does not recall giving such advice.Clinton simply cannot stop lying and lying about the lies. A frightening conclusion is that she is a pathological liar. After so many years and so many lies she really convinces herself that she is telling the truth even when it is crystal clear that she is lying. That is terrifying.
  • Congress has lodged a formal complaint with the Department of Justice requesting it to investigate Clinton lying in testimony under oath in front of Congress. See details here. If you scroll down to the end of this web page there is a 2.5-minute video that is simply conclusive. It is not clear to me what there is to investigate. Lying under oath is a felony. Lying, under oath, to Congress—which has the oversight responsibility over the Executive branch—undermines the Constitution and is simply horrendous.
  • The Clinton Foundation announced that if Hillary Clinton is elected president it will then stop taking donations from foreign governments and corporations to avoid the “appearance of wrong doing.” So let me understand:
    1. Taking money from foreign governments and corporations while you are the President of the US is clearly wrong. Everyone agrees. But doing it while you are the SOS, a top three official in the Executive branch of the US, that is OK, right? That is what they are trying to tell us.
    2. As President of the US it is OK for your family foundation to take money from domestic donors? I understand the ostensible differentiation between foreign and domestic when you are the SOS who ostensibly has influence only on foreign affairs (note that I am skeptical in this regard, too, but that is not the issue here) but what is the difference between foreign and domestic as president? Why is it OK to take from domestic donors as president? Is that not a conflict on its face?
    3. And to be clear, not taking from corporations but taking from rich owners of corporations that is OK?
    4. This announcement is basically a “clarion call” to all favor seekers: Get in now before it is too late. You want to be in our good books? This is your final chance.

How more corrupt can you get? Why not announce that you are suspending ALL donations immediately until the election and that you will resume only from domestic donors (even that is corrupt, as I said above, but that is the logic of their statement). Giving a notice to all foreign donors that this is your last chance is so corrupt as to be unbelievable and, of course, the media by and large lets it pass.

And where are the Republicans and their candidate? To be fair, some have mentioned some of the issues I am raising, although not all of them and not as succinct and eloquent, even if it is I who say so…

It is so frustrating.