One of the world largest tragedies is playing in front of us in Venezuela and hardly anyone notices.

Of course, Syria is a bigger tragedy by far but to be brutal about it, war-triggered tragedies are nearly a dime a dozen. I am not suggesting that it is not a tragedy, it is a huge one. Genocide to a large extent. Of roughly 25,000,000 Syrians before the trouble erupted, 500,000 are dead; I can only assume that millions are wounded; 10,000,000 or more are displaced and are refugees; and I suspect that upwards of 20,000,000 lives have been materially negatively affected. At least it is war. War is terrible and evil does exist and there is nothing new about it.

The story in Venezuela is different. There is no war. In fact, the scarcity of violence in this entire tragedy is the only bright element of this story.

The reason it is such a great tragedy is not only because the county is in total economic collapse with food shortages causing people to go hungry, medicine shortages causing people to die, power stoppages etc. etc. It is not only because the country is in total collapse the like of which we have not seen in the world for decades. The reason it is such an enormous tragedy is because it is so futile; it is so unnecessary, so avoidable and is happening in one of the world’s RICHEST countries. It is unbelievable.

Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves. Most people think that Saudi has this “distinction” but, in fact, it is Venezuela.

Venezuela has vast areas of arable land, land that used to produce a huge quantity of agriculture products as well as to graze cattle for meat production famous for its quality world over.

Venezuela has one of the world’s most beautiful sceneries and largest potential for tourism.

Venezuela USED to be one of the world’s richest countries.

So what happened???

Socialism happened.

It is unbelievable, almost, how socialism took this rich country and bankrupted it. Totally. Yet it is a fact.

Sure, the collapse in oil prices did not help. But you see countries like Saudi who has absolutely NOTHING other than oil (and sand and desert) managing that collapse with economic maturity and orderly. There are many other countries that are adversely affected by the collapse of oil, other commodities, food prices, etc. Yet no one, NOT ONE is anywhere near the total collapse Venezuela.

No, the entire reason for this debacle is socialism.

It is a horrible story that is summarized by the prophetic and genius words of Margaret Thatcher:
“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

It is a story that should be told all over the world and should be widely taught with conclusions drawn about the effect of socialism.

Yet what do we get from the media and pundits, etc.??

Very little of the story itself. It is not a convenient truth. And ZERO about the role of socialism in bankrupting what used to be a very rich country.

Few days ago CNN World had a 30-minute exposé about Venezuela, which is a good thing in itself. Not ONCE, not even a tiny little mention of the blame of Chávez and his socialistic revolution in what is happening now.

Yet as I wrote in a blog few years ago, when he died, Chavez was glorified by the media.

Assholes. Sorry I do apologize but simply no other word will do here.