I avoided this subject for a long time, as I do not believe in conspiracy theories.

But after the event of Sunday I must comment.

A lot has been said on that already and I will not repeat it all here.

I will say that for the media to rationalize the way her campaign handled the Sunday event by stating that she is prone to too much secrecy and that her campaign team is totally incompetent in handling the press and the public is simply too easy.

I am beginning to wonder if there is much more to the story about her health issues than I thought. Otherwise, their incompetent handling of the Sunday event is up there amongst the top of incompetence – and that is from the most expensive, highly-paid campaign team ever. Mmmm. I somehow doubt it.

One point that no one commented on and, to me, seems very significant is the reaction of the Secret Service detail protecting her.*

I would have thought that if a person under the protection of the Secret Service collapses in the street, the agents would rush to her side to help, to see what is happening, and show alarm and urgency. None of the above is happening. Instead, when she collapses she is helped by her aids, and two agents who carry her into the van while the rest of the Secret Service Agents—in what seems to be very well-rehearsed and prepared for move—form a shield around them to hide them from public view. The way they did it indicates training and rehearsal for such an event. It is smooth and well executed. No panic, no alarm—just hide her.

If the thinking is that she should have been protected to defend her from an outside threat, why was she not hidden and shielded the moments before when she is standing waiting for the van to arrive, totally exposed?

It is obvious to me that the Secret Service detail prepared for and were not surprised by Clinton having a heath-related episode in public and that the instruction in that situation was to hide her. To make sure that no one could see.

If I am correct, why would they train for such an unusual event unless it was to be expected??

If it is an expected event, then it must be that there is something there more than just pneumonia diagnosed two days before.

Whatever the situation is, I predict that we will not see much of Clinton on the campaign trail until 9/26.

The debate is everything.

*Since writing this post, I heard someone making exactly the same comment. I think it was on Fox Business channel. In contrast to me, the speaker was someone with experience in Secret Service protocol and he made the same point about how well prepared and smooth the “hiding” process was.

P.S. Since writing the post it has been announced that Clinton will be back on the trail on Thursday. I am still of the view that her campaigning until the 26th will be very sporadic.