Fact 1:
Donald Trump built a business empire of a size that puts him in the same league as the top 150-200 business people in the USA in the last 50 years.

I have said in the past many times that successful people are not necessarily intelligent or even clever; they are ambitious, determined and lucky. Not so when your empire is worth $4 billion, according to Forbes (I do not believe his own valuation of his empire for one moment but it does not matter). Creating such an empire requires a high level of intelligence.

Fact 2:
Over the last 6 months or so I concluded that the part of Trump’s brain responsible for articulation and eloquence is retarded. There is no other way to describe his lack of vocabulary, grammatical errors, and general level of inarticulation.

Put these two facts together and there must be something in his brain that compensates and, thus, that part of his brain is at, or close to, genius level. Otherwise there is no explanation that fits the facts.

I sure hope that part of that element of his over compensatory brain is in his ability to learn fast.

His performance last night was awful and he lost the debate on points but especially given how easy it should have been to win a debate against Hillary Clinton. Her abysmal record and her lack of personal integrity should have made winning a debate simply a breeze. Child’s play. A cakewalk. That he lost against such an opponent is greatly disappointing.

Unless Trump improves his performance vastly by the next debate, which is less than two weeks away, and serves an impressive win in the third one on October 19th, his chance of winning the election is dim.