The October surprise has arrived.

It is an article of faith by Democrats, media, and others that Bill Clinton was a great president. Let’s be clear: Bill Clinton DID what Trump bragged about. Is Bill Clinton considered a pariah for what he did? It is a sad truth that, in today’s America, talking in a lewd manner is considered worse than doing it behind closed doors in the White House, even if later it becomes known.

Having said that, in puritanical America that IS the state of play.

It leaves Trump with only three choices:

  1. Go on a major comprehensive apology/contrition tour explaining his lack of intellectual speaking ability; contrasting it with his record of doing things, of his execution ability and his achievements. This has to include not only the latest eruption but also ALL of his crude comments from the past 15 months and before. It needs to be sincere, heartfelt, and compassionate. I doubt he can do that.
  2. Step aside and make Pence the presidential nominee of the party, maybe making Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, the VP nominee (in an amazing coincidence, she will turn 35 on October 30th of this year, which makes her eligible for the job by the skin of all our teeth…). That would be an AWESOME ticket, it is GUARANTEED to win. It can be achieved, I believe, by a quick meeting, even by phone of the RNC. The ballots do not need to be changed; it is still Trump/Pence ticket (I think). There must be a legal way to make such a change in case of someone having to step down. Trump will live to see his name on the presidential ticket—and a winning one at that—and will nearly guarantee a Trump president in 8 years. If Trump’s obvious intelligence can overcome his arrogance, that is THE way out for him while maintaining his honor.
  3. Lose.

If Trump is sincere about it being about the people and not about him, he needs to step down.