The shady, secretive committee that deciades who wins the Nobel Peace Prize has never been very impressive or respectable, but this time they went too far.

Giving a peace prize to a committed terrorist (Yasser Arafat) responsible for numerous atrocities, such as sanctioning and arranging the killing of innocent people, could possibly be explained by him ostensibly seeing the errors of his ways and becoming a peace maker (the Oslo Accord), maybe.

Giving a Nobel Peace Prize to a peace of S…t like Mohamed ElBaradei, who spent his years as the head of the IAEA claiming that Iran (and Syria, come to that) did not have a nuclear weapon program when everyone, simply everyone, knew that this is incorrect, is sleazy.

Giving a peace prize to a president within nine months of him being on the job, having nominated him just a few days after he was sworn in to his first term is stinking of politically driven considerations. How did this work out for them? How many wars did President Obama mange to stop as oppose to start? Genocide in Syria avoided by him, sure… Collapse of Libya prevented? Of course and on and on.

But giving a peace prize to a head of state less than a week after his people, the people who elected him in a democratic election declared that the peace agreement he negotiated is neither peace nor an agreement? That is simply laughable.

Who are these people that take it upon themselves to decree that the Colombian peace agreement with the FARC is a good thing when the people of Colombia said otherwise?

These people are simply ridiculous. Contemptuous.

If there was any honor remaining in the world, the other recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize should return it in protest.

This is another example of the cocoon that the world elites live in as I referred to in my previous post, The Failure of Leadership and the Cocoon of the Elites. Of how devoid from reality they are. Of how sealed in the arrogance their minds are.