The challenges emerging over the last week or so for the Clinton campaign—from the FBI, to WikiLeaks, to Obamacare—should be a trigger for the Republican “grandees” to reunite behind Trump. It is OK to repeat that they do not support his rude and vulgar language. But it will be unthinkable and unforgivable if Trump loses the presidency because of a lack of unity; as an example, if he lost Ohio by a narrow margin where Governor John Kasich could have swayed few more voters to vote for Trump, which would have made the difference (Comment- since writing this post Kasich did the exact opposite and announced that he voted for John McCain??? He really is an asshole of the first degree and he should be excommunicated by the party. This man has no room in the Republican party.).

It is time for Speaker Ryan to state publically and loudly what he is saying anyway, except in “sotto- voce,” that a Republican Congress (hopefully both chambers) will work much better for the benefit of this country with a Trump presidency as opposed to a Clinton presidency (Comment- since writing this post he more or less did. Not loud enough but improvement).

It is time for Mitt Romney to bury his personal resentment and put the good of the country before his personal feelings and call for Republicans in Utah to vote for Trump.

It is time for the Bush family to bury the hatchet and do the same.

It is time for “Never Trumps” to understand that we live in a world made of shades of gray and not one made of black and white.

Trump’s shade of gray is much whiter than Clinton’s.