Writing a post on the environment in the middle of the US elections seems out of order but I decided to do it anyway for light entertainment or maybe to get cleansed…

For years I have maintained that CO2 is a good thing. Trolling my “high level” science education obtained at MIT (ahhh, not exactly—actually, in the institute of my high school), I remember my biology teacher trying to drum into our heads while we were busy doing other things and/or dying of boredom the fact that green plants need CO2 to survive and thrive and, what is more important, in return they produce oxygen, which is pretty important for us if we want to actually breathe…

It seems that most of the world—scientists, politicians and the inquisitors of the new church of climate change—were actually absent during these lessons.

Which is why the two enclosed articles,* one from the Washington Post (not suspect of being a heretic…) from June 3rd, 2016 and one from the WSJ November 1, 2016 “warms the cockles of my heart” in coming more or less to the conclusion that CO2 is good for us.

The concept that CO2 will warm the atmosphere, which is GOOD for us as it will create more habitable areas, agriculture opportunities, food, minerals etc., is something that I referenced every time that I write about the stupidity of the climate change orthodoxy. Again, it is good to see that people with actual understanding say the same.

Of course WaPo has to stick to the climate change “bible,” so at the end it mentions that “many researchers” caution against these “models” because they are so uncertain. Really? The ENTIRE climate change religion is based on models only. Models that have been proven wrong time and time again. But according to this orthodoxy it is Ok to change our lives in material ways, make huge investments in reducing our quality of life and anti-development all because of models, yet when some models predict that things are not that bad, we must be cautious…

By the way, one of the high priests of the climate change church—he who stated that climate change is the biggest national security risk the US is facing—the “redoubtable,” the honorable Secretary of State John Kerry, has just announced that next week, presumably after the elections, he will be traveling to Antarctica to highlight the “dangers” of climate change.

Maybe he knows something about the elections that we all do not know and is seeking refuge as far from the US as possible.

*WaPo June 16; WSJ November 16