Note: This is the first in a long series of separate postings discussing many aspects of the 2016 elections.

My faith in the American Polity has been restored.

Many pundits are referencing the decision by the American people, etc.; the truth is that the outcome of Tuesday’s elections is the result of the decisions made 200+ years ago by a few dozen men whose brilliance in establishing the most enduring, successful, just and strong political system the world has even known is simply a miracle.

To be clear, as the numbers I will discuss in my next posting show without any doubt, the “American People” voted on Tuesday for Hillary Clinton to be president. It is this amazing system created by the founders that resulted in Donald Trump winning the elections. A system interwoven with numerous intricate and delicate checks and balances that are there to act as stabilizer and prevent the drowning of the ship called the USA Republic.

Eight years ago the “Polity” did not work. It is understandable because the choice was between a young, personable, and the consummate campaigner, albeit totally inexperienced and a hard left socialist ideologue, person as opposed to an old, cantankerous and the worse campaigner ever, but a person who would be a much better president. In hindsight, I think that without doubt the vast majority of the American people will admit that their choice then was ill advised. But that happens; even the best and greatest political system is not infallible. But what happened four years ago was inexplicable. Returning President Obama to power, after all his failures and ideological bent were obvious, over Mitt Romany, who was the most qualified person ever to run for the presidency and had an amazing track record of success in both private enterprise and public governance, was simply an inexcusable and a dangerous mistake.

That is why my faith in the American Polity was shaken. Making Hillary Clinton the president would have, in my view, been a grave, grave error that would have resulted in a tailspin that the USA could not have come out of without a very painful and difficult readjustment not unlike the 1930s.

However, it seems that the checks and balances and internal stabilizers inherent in the amazing system built by the Founders worked.

I believe that the USA, now, has a great chance of straightening the ship, repairing the damage done over the 8 years of Obama and, even if Trump turns out to be a bad president, the damage that he will do will be in the other direction, sort of providing some stabilization in itself.