Note: This is the third in a long series of separate postings discussing many aspects of the 2016 elections.

The results of the 2016 USA presidential elections are a major rebuke to the global elites and continue a trend that has been in place now for few years.

My posting of October 6, 2016 The Failure of Leadership and the Cocoon of the Elites was a masterpiece (if I do say so…) and should be reread now that results are in.

I have to admit to a strong feeling of schadenfreude. On a very superficial level, I am really enjoying hearing and feeling their shock and surprise at the result. They absolutely deserve it. No misgivings on my part here.

Unfortunately, I am not seeing ANY sign whatsoever of these arrogant people trying to contemplate what their role is in what happened.

Time and time again you hear from these people and their representatives in the media two things:

  1. The Trump campaign team was as surprised by the results as they were. The repetitiveness of this supposed explanation/argument is astounding. It is as if there is someone dictating to all these people what to say. I suppose that what actually happened is that one of these elites came up with this notion and it caught on like wildfire because it helps explain and justify their total bewilderment at what happed. If Trump did not expect to win, how could they? Except that there are two problems with this supposed explanation. First, there is absolutely zero evidence that the Trump campaign was surprised. Indeed, the Trump people kept saying before the elections—and are saying now—that they had a very good feeling about the elections and the fact is that they targeted the right places and they won. There is no evidence of happenstance or coincidence here. It all seems pretty purposeful and with conviction of ability to win. Second, even if true, so what? How does that explain anything?
  2. Slightly less prevalent but much more incendiary is the theory of “White-lash,” a term coined by Van Jones, an African American senior progressive activist, CNN contributor and ex-Obama “green jobs czar.” You cannot listen to ANY African American Progressive pundit who will not repeat the notion that Trump’s win is due to deep and wide strain of racism. And while their white brethren do not repeat it as often, they clearly are in agreement with this notion. It is simply an obsession. Here, too, there are two problems with this theory. There are two options to support racism theory: either you have to believe that many voters voted against Hillary Clinton (a white person, just to be clear) because they are against Obama due to his race after they put him in the White House TWICE. So they were not racists when they voted for him but they did not vote for Clinton because they became racist. The stupidity of this argument is clearer even to those who espouse this theory, so instead they invented the “White-lash” argument. That is the theory that white voters (they usually add “working class” or “non-college educated” just to show their real disdain for this group) have come out in droves to vote for Trump, where before they …? They what? They did not vote before? So let me just be clear here, the theory says that voting is a sign that you are a racist? What do they mean? Do they even care that the numbers prove them to be manifestly wrong. White voters made 70% of the total voting public this year. That is 2% LESS than their share of the vote 4 years ago. So where is the “White-lash”?

But, as I said in my posting of October 6th, these people do not care about facts. Their minds are made up and the facts do not matter.

In part, it is pitiful to look at these people dreaming up excuses all over the place and their comrades in the media hearing them, never questioning or disputing the theory, but the truth is that it is sickening.

One would have hoped that these people, who are generally highly intelligent, would look deep and try to contemplate and understand what do they do wrong, what is their role in getting so many elections (see my October 6th posting) wrong.

Unfortunately, nothing of the sort is evident. They are so arrogant that their mental functions are ossified. They are not capable of self-criticism, they lack the intellectual curiosity to understand other points of view and they remain as steadfast in their belief of their own moral superiority. I could say that they are deplorable (borrowing a phrase from the “togetherness” candidate that did not hesitate to call 25% of Americans deplorable), but actually they are not. They are irredeemable, though (to borrow the second part of that phrase from her).

The frightening thing is that Conservatives, having been given a very large mandate, may blow it. If they do, these elites might yet again get to control the power leverages in the world without having learned anything from their mistakes and without making any changes in their views and approach.

They remain sealed in their own cocoon.