Note: This is the fourth in a long series of separate postings discussing many aspects of the 2016 elections.

Ahhh, the comeuppance. I have no delight in saying this, just sadness. Here is a talented man, a good man from a personal point of view, yet so misguided and so arrogant.

The two speeches that the President gave on Tuesday evening before the results were known and on Wednesday mid-day afterward, were the first time in eight years that this president showed leadership and grace. He even managed for the first time ever to say something good about President Bush…after eight years of blaming him for everything and anything.

This from a president that for 8 years decimated any decorum, all traditions, any respect for the past and for the Constitution and is now facing his comeuppance because of that.

To add insult to injury, his signature domestic “achievement”—his pride and joy—the ACA, aka ObamaCare, has contributed so much to Clinton’s downfall. What a folly, what a price to pay for hubris.

His legacy is likely to be eliminated. If Trump and the Republicans do 25% of what they promised to do, President Obama will leave no trace on the future of the USA.

Except for one thing: in his blind ambition he decimated the Democratic Party.

When he was elected, Democrats had about 257 members of the House, 60(!!) Senators, 29 Governors out of 50, and 60 state legislators out of 99.

Today, they have about 193 Representatives – lost the majority, 48 Senators – lost the majority, 15 Governors (FIFTEEN!! – Republicans have 33) and 30 state legislators.

This is a route of mega proportions. There are only 5 states where Democrats control both legislature chambers and the governorship. The number for Republicans is 25!!!! Half the US is under the total control of Republicans.

The Democratic leadership bench is empty. Simply, empty. Republicans had 17 candidates for president this year. At least 10 of them were worthy and could have been fantastic presidents. Democrats had none. That is Obama’s true and only legacy.

He did not understand the limits of his power. He tried to push America to the extreme Socialist Left, he did it be demolishing laws, precedents, tradition and by breaching the Constitution.

He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.