For the last week or so, the mainstream media bombarded us with the outlier theory that maybe, just possibly, the Electoral College will rebel and prevent Trump from becoming president.

The extreme version fantasized that 37 Trump-bound electors will switch to Clinton and make her president. To be fair, even the biased media treated that as unlikely, but the possibility that 37 electors will vote for someone else and, thus, throw the elections to the House of Representatives was seriously discussed by most media outlets led by MSNBC and CNN.

Now, in their slimy way, they both always cautioned that the likelihood that this will occur is very, very low but they gave it their normal saturation coverage, with it being the headlining news time and time again.

Stories about the one “faithless” Texan Trump elector that published an op-ed in the NYT; stories about the Harvard professor (Lessig) that reliably announced that 20 Trump electors have indicated to him that they will flip and that there could be more; stories about Federalist 68 (Hamilton’s discussion of the role of the Electoral College); the proverbial celebrity video pleading with electors to change their vote led by Martin Sheen and on and on.

Always qualifying it as low probability but giving it exposure reserved for the more important stories of the day for the last 7-10 days.

The real agenda behind this campaign was to create another hook for delegitimizing the Trump presidency. Even if they got only 20 electors to change their mind, that would have been pretty bad.

So now we have the results.

The media were right. A record number of electors switched their vote.

There are only two problems:

  1. That number, although a record, was only 7. They needed 37.
  2. The more important point, though, is that of the 7 that voted “faithlessly,” 5 were Clinton electors and only 2 were Trump’s.

So who is more legitimate now?

Again, we see the media trying a massive brain washing saturation coverage to get us to see things their way and, again, it is a total flop.

When will they ever learn?