The First Lady gave her parting interview as such to Oprah Winfrey.

This is a woman that, just before her husband was elected 8 years ago, did not hesitate to tell us all that this is the first time that she is proud of her country; leaving us to assume that for 40 years plus, this Ivy League educated attorney, to all accounts pretty fortunate and privileged, had no reason whatsoever to be grateful and proud of the USA.

She now doubled down by stating that now that her husband is leaving the White House and given that Trump won, all hope for Americans is lost.

Let alone the fact that during her husband’s 2 terms more people died of “depression –type” illnesses (see my blog on life expectancy) than ever before; ignore the fact that since the elections, all economic signs indicate a revival of hope (consumer confidence is up, stock market is up etc.).

These two “book-ends” for her term as First lady say a lot about her. She is as arrogant as her husband, if not more, which readers of this Blog will recognize to mean that she is stupid.

Can you imagine what the media would have done to Melania Trump if she had said something along these lines in reverse?

Needless to say, the media are playing defense for Mrs. Obama, with one MSNBC anchor describing what she said as “some of us have little hope” and others focusing on everything else in that interview but that part.

Both these statements are as inappropriate as it comes. How can you, as First Lady, say this? It is simply disgusting.