A short tale, but very telling.

Three years ago, the documentary Blackfish was released. For details of the entire story see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackfish_(film).

In essence, the film made the claim that SeaWorld’s treatment of orcas is cruel and “inhumane” (my word–being cynical–they are not humans, after all).

I am as compassionate as the next guy when it comes to animals but I also believe strongly that real humans do rank higher on the totem pole.

To be clear, we are talking about a very small number of orcas. 2? 3? Maybe 5. The evidence of their low quality of life in captivity is disputed anyway.

The film, and the “PC Culture Police” reaction to it, received great billings and CNN led the march to malign SeaWorld that ended in SeaWorld announcing, about two years later, that they are canceling their orca shows.

Now comes the epilogue.

In a small, two-inch, lonely column on page B7 of the WSJ we read that 325 people are laid off by SeaWorld due to their “post-orca future.” Needless to say, neither CNN nor any of the other “PC Culture Police” will refer to this announcement, let alone make the connection between the two events.

So, let’s do the math. Say 5 orcas potentially have improved quality of life and 325 families lost their livelihood.

This is PC culture gone mad.

This explains, partially, why we have President-elect Trump.