Last week, Russia and Iran led the Assad regime to a huge victory in Aleppo, more or less sealing the faith of the insurrection and doing it in their own abominate style: cruelty, no regard for human rights and murderous–probably how war should be fought, but on that in another post.

Now, Russia is convening a “peace conference” to discuss the future of Syria.

Not in Geneva, as the delusional John Kerry Secretary of State of the USA seems to think is appropriate, not in Vienna where some negotiations took place before, but in Moscow!

Now, that alone is not a big deal. Ultimately location, while symbolic, is not the important thing.

What is important is who is invited to this “peace conference” and, more so, who is not invited.

Anyone cares to guess?

So, the invitees are Russia, of course, as the host; the Assad regime as a relevant party; Iran; and Turkey. That is it.

No rebels and no USA.

This just shows you how low respect for the USA has sunk. And that comes about 72 hours after President Obama told us in his last press conference that the standing of the USA in almost every country around the world is better and we are held at higher respect than when he took over eight years ago.

He is delusional, too, and this is without doubt a humiliation for the record books.