The news broke out today that 2015 was the first year in about a quarter of a century where US life expectancy fell.

Not only that, but the Washington Post article, “US Life Expectancy Declines for the First Time Since 1993,” goes on to say the following (emphasis is mine):

“I think we should be very concerned,” said Princeton economist Anne Case, who called for thorough research on the increase in deaths from heart disease, the No. 1 killer in the United States. “This is singular. This doesn’t happen.” A year ago, research by Case and Angus Deaton, also an economist at Princeton, brought worldwide attention to the unexpected jump in mortality rates among white middle-aged Americans. That trend was blamed on what are sometimes called diseases of despair: overdoses, alcoholism and suicide. The new report raises the possibility that major illnesses may be eroding prospects for an even wider group of Americans. …. David Weir, director of the health and retirement study at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. Over the past five years, he noted, improvements in death rates were among the smallest of the past four decades. “There’s this just across-the-board [phenomenon] of not doing very well in the United States.”

In my post “ObamaCare and the Crash of Seven Full Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets,” I predicted that ObamaCare will cause the death of people. I gave a full reasoning of why that would happen.

Since 2008, I contended that Obama’s policies and governing are leading to the demise of this country’s feel-good, entrepreneurial spirit and is making the world a riskier place with a marked decline in the US standing all over the world.

Let’s just summarize what is happening here- after growing more or less on trend for 20+ years up to and including 2009, life expectancy under Obama has slowed to a crawl and now has even reduced.

Why is that? This is from the president whose greatest achievement supposedly is the improvement of our heath care. It seems that health CARE and health generally are totally different from health INSURANCE.

While ostensibly improving our health INSURANCE system (of course, even that is not true but that his claim) his polices have cause disruption and depression and brought on a reduction in life expectancy.

Some will say that I am exaggerating, but this is all too much to be simply coincidental.

I believe that this is the final nail in this president’s legacy.

He is the worst president this country has ever had bar none.