I believe that I am correct in stating that there can simply not be two more opposites as presidents than Obama and Trump.

One of the examples as to how opposite they are is their belief and approach to the spoken word.

For Obama, words meant everything. It was the ultimate value. He truly believed, and still does, that he can explain things to people and because he is always right (according to him…) people will accept his explanation and the rest does not matter. The “truth,” or his version of it, will triumph. Or to use a term Obama is fond of in his melodramatic style: “the arch of history” is on his side, so at the end people will see that he was right. He felt zero need to DO anything. As long as the “truth” is on his side no deeds mattered.

Trump, on the other hand, has zero value for the spoken word. He simply could not care less what he says. He will say one thing and its opposite in the space of few minutes.

He reminds me of the old Jewish tale about the Rabbi and his wife. Moshe came to the Rabbi to complain about his partner. The Rabbi listened carefully and then proclaimed that he agrees that Moshe is right. Shortly thereafter Jacob, the partner, came and bitterly complained to the Rabbi about Moshe. The Rabbi listened intently and was swift in his decree. “You are correct,” he tells Jacob. As soon as Jacob left, the Rabbi’s wife asked him, “How could you tell both Moshe and Jacob that they are both right? One of them must be wrong, correct?” The Rabbi is deep in thought and then comes up with the answer; he says to his wife, “You are right too!”

That is Donald Trump for you. Just ignore his spoken (or come to that, tweeted) word. Look at what he does.

All these media outlets that twist themselves into pretzels time and time and time again trying to interpret and deduce from every small syllable that Trump utters and are going to length to compare and contrast it with any of his prior utterances are simply making themselves look ridiculous.

That is his style. He will always tell the last person to see him that he is right, but until we see actual action taken and deeds carried out we will NEVER know what Trump really thinks.

Up to now, the only evidence that we have as far as Trump deeds are concerned is his handling of the transition process and the appointments to his administration. Based on that evidence, he is doing just fine.

Bottom line: stop trying to interpret and react to every word or tweet. Let’s just see what he DOES.

If we learned anything from the Obama presidency it is that deeds are much more important than words.

As if we needed Obama to teach us that…