The latest media fixation in their obsessive effort to try and explain Trump’s win and their loss is to blame the Russians.

I have no reason to believe that the accusations that Russia is behind the DNC and the Clinton campaign hacks are not correct. They seem logical and the sources are credible.


  1. I see no room for an outrage directed at Putin and Russia. They are just doing what they perceive is in their best interest. The outrage should be directed at Obama and his administration that allowed it to happen. Where was the US in protecting its national interest? Obama, for eight years, took every possible action or omission to demolish the USA’s deterrent power. The number of large damaging cyber-attacks on the USA over the last 8 years is significant, starting from the Office of Personal Management 30 million personal records hacked by China, to North Korea’s hacking of Sony and Iran’s rumored hacking of power generation infrastructure in New York state. As I wrote 18 month ago in my post “Cyber Warfare,” “Rather than going away, the attacks are escalating and getting worse and more serious.” Bad actors around the world know that the US is an easy target. There are no serious barriers and no one pays a serious price for attacking the US, so why not? The media should put the blame where the blame lies and not try to shift it on to Trump. Why is he responsible?
  2. The implication that the hack caused Clinton to lose the election is spurious. Based on what? To use the media’s favorite attack line against Trump: where is the proof? There is no shred of proof nor does it make sense. The DNC hack, while damaging to the DNC and its internal party credibility, probably had zero effect on voters. As to the Podesta daily drop of leaked e-mails, they probably, at most, shifted very, very few voters from one side to another.More importantly, even if these leaks had the supposed effect, should the blame not be pointed at those who WROTE the e-mails and the policy, views and arrogance that these e-mails reflected? It is perverse to suggest that these e-mails were bad enough to cause Clinton to lose the election and in the same breath maintain that it would have been better if they were kept a secret. Is this what the media in this country stands for? Keeping serious, election-swinging information (according to the media) secret? It is only the twisted logic of desperate media that can really try to make the case that the elections would have been better and fairer if we did not have that information. That is BS.
  3. The reaction by the President-elect and his transition team to the above allegations is a mistake. This is the first mistake that they’ve made since the elections in what has otherwise been a near perfect transition process. Why fight it? Why not issue a simple statement saying that:
    • If true, it is outrageous.
    • It does require serious investigation.
    • The Trump administration will ensure such things never happen again.
    • By the way, where was the current administration in protecting our national interest?
    • Future, potential hackers should be on notice that the Trump administration’s response to any attempt at hacking US national interests will be devastating and will utilize the entire might of the United States of America, both cyber and physical.
    • They doubt that it had any meaningful effect on the election result and if it did, the blame is on those who wrote the e-mails, not on those who exposed them.

Bang, full stop. Close subject. So much more Trump!

That would have put the media in its place and stopped all the blubbering and efforts at obfuscating or looking for excuses for the elections results.