Syria is going through a holocaust and the Western—supposedly-civilized—world is standing by and letting it happen.

The term holocaust is defined as “destruction or slaughter on a mass scale.” Maybe the number of people murdered over the last 4-5 years—at probably close to a million—does not meet the threshold of the more pedantic of observers who, due to the historical context of this term, require hallowed scarcity to use this term. However, in addition to the killing of hundreds of thousands in a state sponsored massacre, the country itself is destroyed. Totally, with most of its people in a refugee status inside or outside Syria and the conflict is still raging.

I’ve written on Syria probably more than on any other matter during the 6 years of my blog (see a sample of links to posts on this matter at the end of this post). At some stage, you get tired of saying the same thing time and time again. It just feels futile. But the events in Aleppo are important enough to take another stab at the betrayal of our values by the feckless and decaying politicians leading the Western world. And the first place for eternal shame goes to the so-called the leader of the free world, President Obama.

To be clear, the people responsible for this holocaust are Vladimir Putin, the mullahs in Tehran and Bashar al-Assad. Nothing that I will say in this post should be taken as diminishing their role. They should all burn in hell for what they did/are doing here.

However, I feel that the Western world, ostensibly led by President Obama, has a strong contributory blame and is therefore as guilty.

Unfortunately, there have been many times before when the free, Western democratic world allowed devastation such as the one in Syria to occur. Of course, the Holocaust itself is one example, there was the case of Biafra in the 60s, Cambodia in the 70s, Rwanda in the 90s, and now we can add Syria to this list of shame. However, none of the above events are so shameful and so clearly due to the fecklessness of one person as is Syria.

What makes Syria so much worse than many, if not all, of the others is the following:

  • It happened in slow motion over FIVE years with the benefit of close-to-full knowledge and information.
  • It was EASY, very easy to avoid and there were people who predicted what would happen in Syria many times, raised the alarm and still the President did nothing.
  • A win not only would have saved the lives and livelihoods of millions, but would have been a great strategic defeat to Iran and Russia.
  • The loss is a HUGE strategic win to Russia and Iran.

I do not believe that there is any other example for such wanton and willful apathy and betrayal of American values by a President of the USA in the face of the destruction of a country; the murder of hundreds of thousands of children, women and innocent men; and for the loss of a major geopolitical asset.

I hear some pundits, even some on the Right, that keep trying to find excuses for this shameful inaction. The preferred one is that the American people did not have the will to get involved in another “war.” They would not have supported an intervention there.

Do we not elect presidents and leaders to do the right thing even if it is unpopular? If we always go by the “polls,” should we not simply let the Gallup organization rule the country? Why bother otherwise?

However harsh it may sound, I believe that even losing the lives of, say, a thousand American soldiers (the total number for the Iraq War loss is 4,500–terrible but that is the number), and I want to emphasize that I do not believe it would be anywhere near that number. Maybe 200–and even that is high–but even if I am wrong, sacrificing these soldiers would have been the right thing to do.

This is what America stands for, this is why G-d created America: to be the shining city on the hill, to be the pole bearer of the free world and of human rights, democracy and protecting the weak. This is what American values are all about: protecting and providing freedom to the oppressed.

I have a very negative view of President Obama in terms of his policies and his actions as president. I used to think that his motives were pure. I do not think that anymore. In this case, I have to say that he has shown a complete disregard to human life, zero compassion and/or care for others, and a complete betrayal of American values, of human rights and of civilized norms.

The strategic defeat here for America will reverberate for decades. 45 years later, America and the World are still suffering from President Carter’s complete failure of policy towards the Shah’s Iran. America will suffer the consequences of Obama’s recklessness for as long if not longer:

  • The refugee crisis is already destabilizing Western Europe democracies with implications that are still not known and could be serious.
  • The hot-bed for terror and terror activities that is what was once known as Syria will come home to bite us here in the USA one day. No one should be surprised and the blame should be at Obama’s feet even if it occurs after he departs the White House.
  • Emboldening Iran and allowing it to establish the Shia Crescent from Tehran to Beirut will foment serious conflict in the Middle East and will reverberate around the world in more ways than one.
  • Allowing Russia to not only reintroduce itself to the Middle East after 45 years of having been expelled, but to become the dominant power in the Middle East, will too have worldwide disastrous consequences.
  • The fate of Turkey (see a separate post on that in the near future) will be the main geo-political crisis of the next one-two years facing President Trump and the Western allies and is entirely due to the stupid foreign policy of Obama.

We live in a world where honesty in reporting is scarce. I do hope that history will tell the tale of Obama’s betrayal in Syria and that the higher powers will judge him accordingly.

I am really upset about the total indifference around the world for what is happening there.