On November 9th, 2016, the Elites in the US (and pretty much world-wide) got a “shellacking,” to use a term popularized few years ago by the undeclared but clear worldwide leader of the Elites, former President Obama.

I wrote about Trump V. the Elites in my posts “The Failure of Leadership and the Cocoon of the Elites” and “2016 Elections (3) – The Global Elites.”

They are both worth re-reading. They are really good, even if I say so…

For about a week or two after the elections these elites were dazed, in shock. It was hard for them to believe or contemplate what just happened.

But very soon they returned to mean, and commenced an all-out war. This is no skirmish, this is not being partisan, this is a total war targeted at annihilation of the Trump administration no matter the cost to the US in order to achieve world domination ala James Bond style movies.

Normal people would have taken time to do a serious introspection to try and understand what went wrong and why they failed so miserably.

Republicans and conservatives lost two presidential elections in 2008 and 2012, following which they went through a serious effort of trying to understand why, which bore major fruits:

  • About 900+ seats in state legislatures
  • 60+ Representatives in the US House
  • About 15 additional states where they have full control of both branches
  • 12 Senators
  • 10 Governors, and
  • One President

That is a pretty good crop for 8 years of hard work and real efforts at change following deep analysis.

But none of that for the elites. After all, they are not normal people. They are better than us. They do not need to think deeply about why things turned out the way they did, they already know. You see, it is our fault; we the people, the voters. We made a bad voting decision. We simply do not understand. Oh, not to worry, they do admit to some blame, they did not do a good enough job of explaining to us simpletons what is what and what is the right way. But it is we who got it wrong.

Much attention was given by everyone to Clinton’s infamous “deplorable” speech, but what got much less attention is that after declaring that 50% of Trump’s voters are deplorable, she went on to describe the other half too. Her description of the other half was patronizing and arrogant. Basically, they (or we) are poor suffering people caught in the false illusions of Trump’s promises (we are gullible, after all…) and we deserve pity and understanding—classical elite’s patronizing way of looking at anyone who is not them.

Let’s try and define what it means to be an “elite”?

I suppose that elites are people who strongly believe in their own moral superiority and intellectual preeminence. They know what is best for us. They know what is good for the economy as well as what is good for us behaviorally, socially and in most other areas. Once they believe that, and they do very deeply, the only remaining conclusion is that it is up to them to conceive of the way to make things better for all of us by having government dictate to us what, how and even when we need to do what they think we need to do—all in our best interest, of course. As a byproduct, because they are so much above us all, they need to stay in power to make sure that we all do the right thing, which is best for us.

There are two big problems with this concept:

  1. The smaller of the two problems is that government consistently fails in the execution of the “better” things that the elites design for us. It is inefficient and invariably does not deliver the desired result.
  2. The bigger problem, of course, is that the whole notion that they know what is good for us and that they know what is better for the economy than the power of the free market is simply preposterous.

Elites are afflicted by the “do not confuse me with facts, I made up my mind” malady. Years, decades, generations of failures of their policies do not spark any doubts in them; quite the contrary. After all, they are so brilliant and their intentions are so good, they simply cannot be wrong. So they keep doubling down. As I wrote in the second post mentioned above, “2016 Elections (3) – The Global Elites”:

“They are so arrogant that their mental functions are ossified. They are not capable of self-criticism, they lack the intellectual curiosity to understand other points of view and they remain as steadfast in their belief of their own moral superiority.”

So who are the elites?

  • The vast majority of Democratic politicians, and the minority that does not fall into the elite category follows the elites because they are stupid (better than deplorable, I guess) and are just used to business as usual.
  • 90% of media personalities. (I nearly made film critics a separate category here. Did you ever notice how little correlation there is every year between the best films as per critics’ rankings and the highest grossing films? Is there ANY better “live” proof of how disconnected media people are from the real world out there?)
  • 90% of people in academia.
  • 66% of the civil service bureaucracy.
  • 30% of top business leaders. If one takes the technology sector, that percentage could be as high as 80%+ but, say, in the oil sector, not so much…
  • 99% of celebrities, which, unfortunately, in our society are opinion formers.
  • A small minority of Republican politicians who are really not part of the elite but, like the minority of Democratic politicians mentioned above, are too stupid and thus follow the elites because it is convenient, that is what they are used to and that is business as usual. They are the most dangerous of all.

These people have gone to war against President Trump. They will simply do anything and say everything they can come up with to make sure that he fails. They will go to extreme length. This is an all-out war for the destruction of the Trump administration. They understand that it is their fate on the line; that if Trump succeeds, he may consign them to the pages of history for a long, long while.

So what is the President to do?

He has three options:

  1. Do nothing. The dogs will bark and the convoy of state will continue to drive forward. That is NOT a good idea. Even the strongest rock gets chipped by rain and this is no rain. This is a torrent. If the President ignores it he, too, will be hurt. He already lost a trusted advisor and an excellent potential Labor Secretary, and one wonders if the replacement for both are as revolutionary as the Trump administration was promised to be.
  2. Deliver results. That, of course, is the absolute best response. Unfortunately, in this delicate and intricate system of checks and balances it is not that easy. The President needs Congress and, at the very least Republicans in Congress, to deliver for him on his agenda. His ability to influence them is also being eroded by this ongoing barrage and full-blown attack; especially regarding those 3-4 senators who clearly fall into the above description of those Republicans who are part of the elite’s thinking though not really part of the elite.
  3. Mobilize. The President MUST respond actively by mobilizing his supporters and responding to the elites’ war. We have seen some muted response over the last few days. A lengthy press conference, a fairly large campaign event. That is NOT enough. The President supposedly has about 80,000,000 followers combined on all social media platforms. Of course, many of those are double and triple counted and few are not supporters at all. But even so, he must have tens of millions of really strong supporters on social media. He should enlist them. He should get them to go out and counter-demonstrate. He should urge his followers to go to town hall meetings and present a strong support for his agenda. They should demonstrate in the streets too. To be clear, everything must be orderly and follow the rule of law, but it will be a huge mistake for the President and his team to leave the progressives to control the news, the streets, and the town hall meetings.

I am surprised by how sanguine so many pundits on the Right are and how dismissive they are of the Left popular uprising. While I see many difference between this uprising and the Tea Party phenomena that started 8 years ago, it does not mean that left unchecked the Left uprising will not be as effective in stopping Trump’s agenda as the Tea Party was in frustrating President Obama’s agenda.

Have no doubt: We are engaged in an all-out war for the future of this country and, by extension, the future of the world.

There are no guarantees that Trump is the right answer, but I do know that the elites are the wrong answer.

So, I am hoping that Trump will be the right answer and will win.