Yesterday’s hearing of the House Intelligence Committee was very educating, and not for the reasons that are espoused by the media, Democrats and, indeed, even by the completely miserable Republicans.

If you listen to ALL media outlets (even those who lean conservative), if you listen to Republicans themselves, and even if you do NOT listen to Democrats and the vast progressive media cabal out there, you will believe that the meeting was mostly about debunking the preposterous tweet by President Trump accusing the Obama administration (actually, he accused Obama himself) of “wiretapping” “Trump tower” before the elections. (*see Comment below).

According to the screams of fake outrage from Democrats and their wholly owned media outlets, the conclusion from the hearing is that President Trump lied about the allegation of the wiretapping, full stop, and that he and his campaign were in cahoots with the Russians in a nefarious scheme to intervened in the elections, and that makes him not fit to be a president.

However, if you listened to the hearing itself, as I did, what you heard is a TOTALLY different story, and what amazes me is that even Republicans are not intelligent enough or, at the very least, not eloquent enough to parse out what we really heard there.

So let me do the job for these wretched inadequate politicians.

What was said yesterday was that:

  • There was no wiretapping of “Trump Tower” in the very narrow, limited sense of the word.
  • However, it was established straight from the horse’s mouth (Director Jim Comey) that the FBI WAS indeed investigating the Trump campaign since July of 2016. So even if there was no wide ranging “wiretapping” of “Trump Tower,” it is obvious that there was surveillance of the campaign by the FBI, presumably using many surveillance techniques.
  • That investigation started in July and is still ongoing which, according to Comey, is not unusual in terms of length (not credible: how long can such an investigation take?).
  • According to multitude of sources (some, like former DNI Clapper, not suspected for one minute of being a Trump “crony”), to date NOTHING has been found to support the allegation of collusion between Trump, his campaign officials and the Russians.
  • The ONE and ONLY nefarious thing that we ABSOLUTELY know occurred in this entire process is that someone or someones leaked classified information to the press. At the very least, the “unmasking” of General Flynn’s call with the Russian ambassador was leaked and this is a criminal offense. Not the call—the call was entirely proper—the leaking of the fact that the call took place and was caught by surveillance (in this case, old fashioned “wiretapping,” indeed).

These are the facts.

Here is my take on the facts:

  • If you want to judge President Trump by his inadequate, rude, bombastic and ineloquent use of the English language together with inflating facts nearly beyond recognition (emphasize on nearly), go for it. He has been doing it since his campaign started and enough Americans decided that this does NOT matter to them and does not reflect his ability to execute the agenda that he was elected to act upon.
  • The investigation of a major party candidate for the presidency of the US by the seating administration hailing from the opposite party is a HUGE issue. HUGE. The fact that no-one raises this as problematic is shocking to me. What has this country come to? It is possible that the reasons for opening such investigation were justified. However, given that we are now 9 months later and it seems that nothing has come to light, it does seem doubtful that this was the case. Even if it was, those reasons, the justification to open such toxic and dangerous investigation, need to be fully aired and investigated, not the nonsense about Trump’s stupid tweet that or another. The intermediate conclusion that I come to is that it—the investigation itself—was nefarious and that it—the investigation—is an inappropriate attempt to meddle in the democratic process of free and fair elections, and that IT should be the subject of HUGE outrage. Where am I going wrong here?
  • In addition to the above, the ONLY thing that is a fact is that someone acted criminally by disclosing the Flynn conversation. Where is the outrage here?

Why is it that no Republican politician, no media pundit and not even the White House jumps at the admission of an investigation of a presidential candidate campaign by a seating administration of the opposing party?

Can it get more Banana Republic than that?

*Comment: The hearing was on 3/20/2017. This post was written on 3/21/2017. On 3/22/2017 the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee came out with a “revelation” that Trump and his team were possibly caught up in a surveillance/wiretapping operation conducted against others. He was not very specific, he indicated that it was legal but inappropriate, especially the unmasking of the names. While that has caused some waves and could develop in the next few days, this does not seem to be relevant to my point relating to the July investigation as, according to the chairman, it occurred after the elections. This is clearly a “living” issue.