Being on the “winning streak,” here is another I-Told-You-So item.

This one has the makings of possibly becoming a huge story.

We are not there yet but we are inching closer.
In my post of only few weeks ago, “House Intelligence Committee Hearing on Russia/Trump,” I made the point that the big story in the whole Russia-Trump scandal is NOT the Russia-Trump aspect, but the fact that it seems that the intelligence apparatus of an administration of a sitting president from one party commenced an investigation of the presidential campaign of the opposing party.

To me, that sounded like a huge story that no-one was making anything of. As the above post was being published, I added a comment at the end indicating that developments are happening, closing with “this is clearly a living issue.”
Well, it is beginning to catch serious life with the news that Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor, was actively involved in actions that, on their face, do not seem to have good national security reasons, but do stink of an effort to investigate and possibly interrupt the Trump campaign and presidency for obvious nefarious political reasons. If this gets more “meat on the bones,” this could become a scandal of a magnitude exceeding Watergate.
Unfortunately, at the moment the media—again, as always, with the exception of Fox News—simply is NOT covering it. Basically, complete silence.
It is shocking and outrageous. At least, for now, at long last the Republicans and Fox have woken up to what I said in that post a few weeks ago:

…The intermediate conclusion that I come to is that it—the investigation itself—was nefarious and that it—the investigation—is an inappropriate attempt to meddle in the democratic process of free and fair elections, and that IT should be the subject of HUGE outrage. Where am I going wrong here?

Hopefully, they will focus their attention on it and maybe we will know the truth at some stage.