Director Comey deserved to be terminated. In my post “Clinton Email Saga – Epilogue?” I already called for him to be terminated if certain events were to occur, and they did.

I was never a fan of Comey, who made it an art to look sanctimonious while doing the bidding of the progressive side of the political divide.

The termination ostensibly was for his action on July 5th last year; first declaring that Clinton should not be indicted and then proceeding to, actually, indict her in the field of public opinion. The original sin, of course, was his mishandling of the entire Clinton investigation that was a farce planned in advance to make sure that she will not be indicted. I believe that Comey’s action on July 5th was his effort to clear his conscience of the stain of whitewashing what was clearly an indictable offense by Clinton. However, as we all learn early in life, two wrongs do not make it right.
I have no problem with the timing of the termination either. Conspiracy theories abound regarding the timing and Democratic politicians and the liberal media—who breathed fire and brimstone on Comey for months due to his October 28th actions—suddenly found new faith and are accusing Trump of Nixonian action in trying to hinder the Russian collusion investigation (the fact that there is nothing there does not stop them and the fact that if there was anything there the investigation continues by career FBI officers is a minor issue). Even Fox News spent 20 minutes blathering about the timing until Catherine Herridge (one of their best, if not THE best correspondent) threw cold water on all the conspiracy talk by stating the simple fact, which was obvious to yours truly from the first moment, that the timing is a function of the only very recent confirmation and appointment of the Deputy AG. He started TWO weeks ago. He is the direct supervisor of the FBI director. For once, the Trump administration followed established protocol.
What makes me very unhappy is the way the termination was executed (pun intended, as it was definitely a public execution of his reputation). It was done in order to name and shame Comey. It was not done like, say, Flynn’s termination where he was privately told that his resignation is requested allowing him to do it the honorable way. The White House went to media first and Comey found out about it from the Media when he was on an FBI trip to Los Angeles. Not nice.

In general, President Trump’s actions are always subject to a flood of criticism in the media. I belong to the camp that has been happy, on balance, with what he has been doing. He has done a lot and achieved many things. Early on I decided to ignore what he says and look at what he does and, on balance, he is doing good.
This is the first time that I think that he made a big mistake. If you are the winner or the bigger man you need to show magnanimity. There is no gain in being nasty. The fact that the termination announcement was handled in a non-presidential manner is, well, standard for this administration.

The fact that it was done with malice and vindictiveness is a cause for major concern.

Not good.