In the sweeping, wall to wall, coverage of President Trump historical visit to Saudi Arabia ALL reporters (on both sides of the political divide) and pundits have found it necessary to waste breath and time on what they consider a significant “moderation” in Trump’s speech about the origin and identity of terror.

The left is berating him for his “inconsistency” in moderating his campaign rhetoric. Why? Because he did not use the term: “Radical Islamists terror.”

Instead, in his speech, the President called it Islamic Terror, which, according to the media, is more moderate.

So, for my illiterate news reporter “friends,” let me give you all a lesson in English.

The word “radical” in the above phrase is used to qualify, reduce, and ameliorate the responsibility of Islam to the terror problem—not to enhance it.

It tells Islam, “It is not you at fault, but those that are the radicals among you.”

Eliminating the word “radical” serves to ENHANCE and clarify the responsibility of Islam for the terror issue; “It is not only the radicals that are at fault; it is you, Islam. You need to deal with it.”

Nothing was moderate or less than crystal clear about Trump’s speech. His message that the nations of Islam, their leaders, their religious institutions and their nations have the responsibility to get rid of this malignancy came through loud and clear.

In addition, he and the Saudi king called out Iran in no uncertain terms, once and for all and in public, as the head of the snake.

No moderation here, so stop wasting our time and go learn English grammar!!!!!!!!!