President Trump tweated urging Republican senators to get rid of the filibuster.

On Fox, Charles Krauthammer, as well as all other pundits, said that they should not do that.
I find myself in the uncomfortable position of, again, disagreeing with him.

His argument was that the filibuster is a very important safeguard for the minority and that Republicans will find themselves in the minority in the future too.

Krauthammer reminded all of us of the two disastrous years in the mid-1960s when Democrats had the ultimate control: House, White House and a Filibuster-proof majority at the Senate. It was during these two years that the progressive nanny state, socialism, was allowed to creep into the US and, as he said, Republicans have been fighting ever since to dismantle these harmful tendencies&dmash;to no avail.

I agree with him on the facts but he is drawing he wrong conclusion.

There is simply no doubt in my mind that at the first opportunity that Democrats have where they again control the House and the White House and have a simple majority in the Senate they WILL dismantle the filibuster to drive through an extreme agenda.

Republicans should face this truth and do the deed now, when it can still help save their agenda.