A torrent of ink has already been spilled covering ex-FBI director Comey’s testimony on Thursday.

CNN has covered it at the top of their news EVER since as I write this blog which is about 40 hours after the testimony ended. EVERY hour for MOST of the hour.

Needless to say, you can hardly hear on CNN and most of the other coverage two astounding facts, the ONLY two new things that came out of the testimony:

  1. That he was coerced by then-AG Lynch to downplay the investigation into Clinton’s e-mails. Is this not interference in elections?
  2. That he leaked private information to the NYT.

Simply sickening…

I will not try to add much as there is not much I can add.

I will note that he was as sanctimonious, calculated and insincere as he always is.

What is worth asking is why he confessed to being the source of the leak to the NYT about his memos of the meeting with Trump?

Could it have been a slip-up? Highly unlikely with that calculated, manipulative political creature. Comey does not make such mistakes.

Was he pushed to do it by former colleagues in the FBI who told him that they know he did it and will have to disclose it themselves if he does not? That is a highly likely possibility.

Did he do it because he has some hidden agenda that this confession served? I fail to see what it may be but if this is the reason it is a hidden agenda indeed.

This is very curious.

James Comey is not now, and never was, the principled person he was portrayed by many to be. He is an experienced, highly political, conceited person. He should have been fired at the end of last year by Obama and, failing that, by Trump on January 20th at 12:01 pm.

Having failed to do it then, maybe Trump should have chosen a better time to do it now, but for sure should have done it in a much more elegant way.