For the Main Stream Media (MSM) and Democratic politicians all over the country, the special elections in the 6th Congressional district in Georgia that took place yesterday assumed larger than life proportions and were, in many respects, akin to national elections—that is, at least, until the results were announced late yesterday evening.
Democrats and their supporters poured $30,000,000 into this one lone district election that no one would normally pay any attention to. That was in addition to the $10,000,000 they spent to win the first round—to their chagrin by just a shade less than the 50% it would take to make the first round decisive; thus bringing us to Tuesday’s second round elections. To be fair, Republicans did not stay much behind with $24,000,000 of spending, but they were reacting to Democrats pouring more and more resources into this district.
The MSM covered the coming elections with their normal wall to wall saturation cover, breathlessly analyzing all manner of significance the probable win for Democrats is going to have. According to Democrats and the media, the fact that Democrats will take the seat held by Republicans for 40 years or so will portend the beginning of the end of Trump era. It was that significant, according to them. Of course, the polls indicated a significant Democrat win and, on top of the first round win at nearly 50%, they were very confident.
The seat, which became available due to the resignation of the incumbent, Dr. Price, to become Secretary of HHS, was won by him in 2016 as an incumbent by a very comfortable 61%-39% margin. A fact that was touted about by the MSM all day long. However, what the MSM forgot to mention was that Trump won that district in the same 2016 elections by a margin of just over 1%. He got less than 49% of the vote, ie this was one of the most extreme cases of bifocal/split ticket voting. Many Republicans voted for Price as their Representative but Clinton for the presidency.
Democrats poured everything they could into this special election, hoping to show that their “resistance” movement against Trump is working. The MSM interviewed scores of volunteers for the Democratic contender who showed great enthusiasm and confidence and were already talking of converting the entire Georgia vote in the next presidential elections. This seat was in the bag…. In addition to unbelievable amounts of money—which made this election THE most expensive congressional elections in the US history, EVER—the support from the party big-wigs was huge. They put it all into that one special election. That is, after they lost the previous two special elections that they were hoping to win in other states all resulting from Republican Representatives resigning to join the Administration.

This was their chance and the MSM made it to be a big deal: A referendum on Trump.
I never believed in the significance of special elections as predictors of general election results and, indeed, some of the more sane and rational experts—mostly interviewed on Fox as their opinions were not popular on the MSM—said the same thing. As one of them said, “Some special elections are a good predictor and some are not.” It is about 50/50, he said. I hope that the viewers understood the cynicism of this comment…
Well, the elections came and went and the Republican won. The surprising thing is the reaction of the MSM to that result.

The ashen faces of the CNN “panel” yesterday evening were simply impossible to ignore. The screen shot of them is making its rounds on the internet. By the next hour, the discredited anchor Don Lemon was trying pitifully to suggest that it is no big deal as Republicans were supposed to win the seat. That is less than 24 hours after he, himself, made it a huge deal—a referendum on Trump, etc.

On MSNBC, you could hardly catch the news that the Republican won. While the election was the subject of at least 25% of every news show, every hour on the hour beforehand, afterward it was barely mentioned…and move on to the conspiracy theory du-jour.
By Wednesday morning, the attitude in the MSM was, “What election? Boring, move on… It was a non-event.”

Can you imagine what the cover would have been if the Democrat actually won? We would be subjected to non-stop coverage, analysis and predictions of doom and gloom for Trump and Republicans. It would be plastered all over the pages and monopolize TV screens for at least 3 days, if not a week.

As it happened, hardly a mention.
I will make few points:

  • As I mentioned above, special elections are just this—special. They are not predictive in any way; too many unique circumstances.
  • I have reached such level of disgust with the MSM that any embarrassment and disappointment that they are going through makes me happy. Gleeful…. It is really a bad state of affairs, but it is what it is and I admit it.
  • There is one possible significance to this election which may be of importance. Indeed, if I am correct, it could be a big deal. I think that it may give pause to a small number of Democratic Senators and few more Democratic Representatives who are facing reelection next year in strong pro-Trump states or districts. I just speculate that, if I was them, the result of the Georgia 6th district would concern me. It would raise alarm in my brain. “If I want to have any chance of being reelected, the mantra of ‘resistance’—the policy of complete and total non-cooperation with anything that Trump supports—may not work for me. I may have to start thinking of being more proactive and more positive, and possibly even enjoining the debate with my Republican counterparts in order to show my constituents that I can actually DO something even with Trump in the White House.”

If I am right on this last point, the special elections in the 6th congressional district in Georgia may prove to be a game changer after all.

Just not in the way that the Democrats and MSM envisaged….