General note: The general political situation is so frustrating that I am too depressed to write although there is so much to write about…

Last week, amongst all the usual BS that the media keeps reporting on—whether manufactured BS (Russia) or real one (Obamacare repeal)—only a little time was found for outrage regarding the story of Christopher Speer. At least on Fox. I heard nothing about it anywhere else and that is why I am writing this post.

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, a special forces medic was killed in 2002 in Afghanistan.

His killer (some will say murderer, given the circumstances) Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen (fighting for Al Quade) at the time only 16, was captured and, in 2010 after the usual long delays, was sentenced to prison by a military commission in Guantanamo Bay.

He was later handed over to Canada to serve his prison term, released few years ago and proceeded to sue the Canadian government for breaching his human rights. Canada’s supreme court found in his favor. He proceeded to sue the Canadian government in civil litigation for damages.

The Canadian government hastily settled with him for $8,000,000 while their parliament is in recess and way ahead of the trial. The haste with which this was done, managed, and some say that was the purpose, to scuttle an effort by the widow of Christopher Speer to ensure that she had a chance to get her hands on this payment by suing Khadar. She is still pursuing the suit, but Khadr is free to take the money and run, hide, move…whatever.

The outrage this week, such as it was, was directed and rightly so toward the action of the Canadian government headed by the eternally stupid and naive “do gooder” Justin Trudeau.

However, the real culprit behind this entire story is former president Obama.

Here is what I wrote about Omar Khadr 5 years ago, in my post, “The Debate that Was, the Debates that Will Be, and Omar Khadr,” when hardly anyone had even heard the name or thought that it was an outrage. Admittedly, I was writing then in the context of the 2012 elections, but the words speak for themselves.

I will quote here the entire paragraph but, suffice it to say, 5 years ago I ended it with:
This is an appalling story showing the complete disregard this administration has for the sacrifices of the men in arms and their families. Heads should roll.

Omar Khadr
The story of Omar Khadr broke over the last few days. I will not recount it here in details. Suffice it to say that he is a Canadian citizen, captured on the battlefields in Afghanistan and was convicted by a military commission trial in Guantanamo Bay. Khadr killed one Special Forces soldier in Afghanistan in 2002, wounded badly another one in circumstances that look more like murder than they do a military fight. He never showed any sincere remorse. Indeed he continuously takes pride and solace in what he did. He is considered very dangerous and it is not impossible to see him back as an active terrorist if released. Therefore, in 2010, a military jury gave him a sentence of 40 years. However, while the jury was debating and before they reached their verdict, the military prosecutors reached a plea agreement for him to serve only 8 years (starting in 2010).

To add huge insult to already a big injury, the Obama administration reached an agreement with Canada for him to be deported to Canada. According to news reports, the Canadians did not want him but the Obama administration coerced them. According to other news reports, given the Canadian system, he is likely to be paroled in 2013, 5 years before his term ends even based on the plea agreement, and 37 years before his jury verdict expired.

So why is that scandalous action by an administration replete with such actions connected to the presidential debates?

If I was the Romney camp, I would reach out to the wife or family of Sergeant Christopher Speer, the U.S. special forces man killed by Khadr, and see if they are willing to speak out in one of the remaining debates, either the one on foreign affairs or even the “town-hall” one. I would like to hear the president explain his actions to the widow of Speer or to his children.

Why did his administration approve a plea bargain of 8 years when the jury came back shortly thereafter with 40 years? Why did they coerce and push the Canadians to take him, knowing that he is likely to not even serve the remainder of his dramatically reduced sentence?

Why should he, the president, the Commander in Chief, not demand now and have not already demanded the firing of the incompetent military prosecutor who negotiated this appalling plea bargain?

Why is he now not demanding the immediate resignation of his attorney general who sanctioned the repatriation agreement with Canada?

Could it be that the president does not care? Could it be that all these people acted directly or indirectly under the guidance of the president in his illogical and ideological pursuit of closing Gitmo? Could it be that this is all done in the name of the appeasement atmosphere permeating this administration and generated at the top?

This is an appalling story showing the complete disregard this administration has for the sacrifices of the men in arms and their families. Heads should roll. Such a question from a family member of Sergeant Speer during the debate would leave Obama speechless and defenseless and he would be terminated from his job on November 6.

Oh, if it was only to have been….