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Prediction Concerning the Chicken and Egg

1/27/17 I predict that the numbers of jobs created in the US economy (what is known as Non-Farm Payroll) on... read more

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On Tax Reform and Regulations

8/9/16 Politicians on the conservative side of the political divide and most economists on both sides flag the issue of... read more

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Groupon – Final

11/24/15 This will be my 4th posting over the years on the pathetic subject of Groupon. Why is it worth... read more

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Solar Power – “Green Energy”

7/4/15 Of all the vaunted, breathless talk about green energy, solar power occupies a place of honor. In the current... read more

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Ex-Im Bank and TPA/TPP

6/8/15 Representative Jeb Hensarling, the Republican chairman of the House Financial Services committee, published an article in the WSJ regarding... read more

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The Real Reason for the Financial Meltdown of 2008 II

5/25/15 About a month ago I wrote a post with the same name on this topic. The crisis was 7... read more

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The Road to Serfdom and Baltimore

4/30/15 The Road to Serfdom is a very important economic book written in the early 1940s by Friedrich Hayek. Hayek,... read more

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The Real Reason for the Financial Meltdown of 2008

4/24/15 Some time ago I “vowed” to start writing regular “I told you so” blogs, indicating situations where my past... read more

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Income Inequality

3/18/15 The subject of income inequality is all over the headlines with Democrats and other progressives trying to blame capitalism... read more

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Iran/Russia Conspiracy Theory

While the reduction in oil price is great news for the US economy, it is causing severe damage to the Russian economy and, in turn, big concerns for Putin, whose iron fist rule depends on a strong economy to keep the millions happy. Nothing fosters rebellious thoughts more than hunger. read more