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Trump, Three Choices

10/8/16 The October surprise has arrived. It is an article of faith by Democrats, media, and others that Bill Clinton... read more

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The Republican Presidential Candidates

12/3/15 I have been meaning to write this post for months now, but every time I sit down to write... read more

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The Republican Presidential Debate

8/7/15 Recently, I have been neglecting this blog for a number of reasons, but I cannot avoid a quick preliminary... read more

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Jeb Bush – Presidential Candidate

6/21/15 This is the second part of the “promised” three-part posting. Jeb Bush was running for president unofficially for six... read more

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Republican Presidential Debates and Affirmative Action

5/30/15 I am not a big proponent of Affirmative Action in college admissions. On balance, I believe that the current... read more

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The 2016 Presidential Elections and Republican Contenders

4/26/15 The race for the presidential elections of 2016 is on. Few preliminary comments: “It is the economy stupid.” This... read more

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2016 Presidential Contenders – Hillary Clinton

4/25/15 The 2016 presidential election season is upon us, which is astounding given that we are 18.5 months away… There... read more

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The US Strategy in the War Against Islamic Terror

2/5/15 These days, the airwaves are filled with analysis focused on whether President’s Obama strategy against ISIS and the war... read more

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12/21/14 I am not an expert on the Cuba issue and for a good reason (see below). There are only... read more

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Sony and North Korea

The story of The Interview, the ill-fated comedy movie depicting the assassination of Kim Jong-Un is all over the place. Most people are critical of Sony and they are clearly to blame for a lot of things, but not for what most people are saying. read more