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The Russia “investigation” and the Media meddling with the truth

6/3/17 On May 25th, the WaPo came out with one of its now standard, at least once a week, front... read more

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2/6/17 I predict that Turkey is going to be one of the biggest headaches of the Trump administration soon, very... read more

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Syria “Peace Conference” — The Humiliation of the Week

12/20/16 Last week, Russia and Iran led the Assad regime to a huge victory in Aleppo, more or less sealing... read more

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The Russians Are Coming

12/11/16 The latest media fixation in their obsessive effort to try and explain Trump’s win and their loss is to... read more

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Russia’s Grand Scheme

10/7/15 Only few days ago I wrote a post on Russia in Syria, Syria – “Geopolitical Chernobyl.” There have been... read more

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Syria – “Geopolitical Chernobyl”

10/4/15 I’ve written about Syria so many times that it feels futile, but the developments there cannot be ignored. The... read more

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2016 Elections and Foreign Affairs

8/23/15 What role will national security/foreign affairs issues play in the 2016 elections? I do not know. A fairly long... read more

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8/19/15 In my post “Where was Putin” five months ago I discussed at length my view that Putin’s real target... read more

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Where was Putin?

3/17/15 Russian president Putin reemerged yesterday after 11 days of not being seen in public. That led to many speculations... read more

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Iran/Russia Conspiracy Theory

While the reduction in oil price is great news for the US economy, it is causing severe damage to the Russian economy and, in turn, big concerns for Putin, whose iron fist rule depends on a strong economy to keep the millions happy. Nothing fosters rebellious thoughts more than hunger. read more