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Filibuster Yet Again

5/31/17 President Trump tweated urging Republican senators to get rid of the filibuster. On Fox, Charles Krauthammer, as well as... read more

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Time for Republicans to Unite Behind Trump

10/31/16 The challenges emerging over the last week or so for the Clinton campaign—from the FBI, to WikiLeaks, to Obamacare—should... read more

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Conservative Cowards

9/15/16 I have a real problem with all conservatives in general. You see, progressive/liberals/Democrats are totally non-ideological when it comes... read more

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Republican Debate and Slimy CNN

12/16/15 Yesterday CNN hosted the latest Republican Presidential Debate and the final one for 2015. To all accounts, it was... read more

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The Visa Controversy, the Trump Bigotry, and the Terror Inactivity

12/13/15 Listening to the debate over the last 10 days regarding visas for entry into the USA and Trump’s stupid... read more

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The Republican Presidential Candidates

12/3/15 I have been meaning to write this post for months now, but every time I sit down to write... read more

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The Benghazi Hearing October 22, 2015

10/25/15 Hillary Clinton (HRC) faced 11 hours of hearing last Thursday regarding her actions before, during, and after the terrible... read more

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Jeb Bush – Presidential Candidate

6/21/15 This is the second part of the “promised” three-part posting. Jeb Bush was running for president unofficially for six... read more

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Ex-Im Bank and TPA/TPP

6/8/15 Representative Jeb Hensarling, the Republican chairman of the House Financial Services committee, published an article in the WSJ regarding... read more

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Republican Presidential Debates and Affirmative Action

5/30/15 I am not a big proponent of Affirmative Action in college admissions. On balance, I believe that the current... read more